How Small-Business Call Centers Drive Growth and Profits

Small-business owners looking to generate awareness of their company’s products and services traditionally hire inside and/or outside salespeople, and they typically equip them with essential tools, including:

  • A laptop,
  • Smartphone,
  • Electronic and physical brochures and collateral, and
  • A cloud-based CRM application or, in many cases, a spreadsheet.

Small-business call center applications can increase the credibility of a small business by providing a welcoming, professional customer experience for inbound callers.

As businesses evolve and grow, however, call center reps like inside salespeople need more than the essentials listed above. 8x8 ContactNow enables small contact center team leaders to track activities against campaigns. Administrators can configure the application to route calls to specific agents based on their skills and abilities, such as languages or product specialization. Agents outside of sales, such as service or post-sales support, can be assigned to IVR branches.

Getting Started Doesn’t Need to Be a Challenge

If you run a small business, or even a specialized team within a large, diverse corporation, you’ve likely thought about the benefits of a call center. You may have hesitated because of the time and costs you assume would be costly regarding the implementation as well as the running of any hardware and software required for even a small call center setup. 

But a cloud-based contact center application like ContactNow enables you to set up a contact center foundation application immediately and provide rich analytics functions for tracking team performance. 

Cloud-based, small-business call center solutions like ContactNow eliminate complexity and can help your business get started with an easily-configurable call center application in minutes. Configuration and administration are intuitive and easy to learn.

Extending Your CRM with an Open Call Center Platform

If you’ve already invested in a SaaS CRM application tools like Zoho,, Dynamics or Zendesk, you can continue to leverage your investment. In fact, you can extend the benefits of productivity and business continuity with your CRM app via:

  • Intelligent inbound call routing
  • Time-saving progressive or predictive automated dialing to your prospect list
  • Activity monitoring and analytics for tablets or a desktop computer
  • Marketing campaign management
  • The ability to add users as you scale your business
  • Call recording for information sharing and new-hire coaching

Traditional on-premises call center platforms that utilize some or all of these features and benefits used to incur significant licensing and maintenance costs. But, with a SaaS-based call center application, you can adopt a pay-as-you-go plan based on how many agents you have using it.

Building a Customer Base Via Web-Based Telecommunication Tools

Digital agencies are a perfect example of how small businesses can penetrate a large market segment. 

In fact, UK-based Trendzer leverages predictive dialing to a prospective audience base of more than 10,000 potential customers. Instead of capital investments paid to communications infrastructure, the company pays only for the time and capacity they use. To maximize sales effectiveness, the agency records calls for coaching and mentoring purposes.

As a business that delivers online services, it makes perfect sense for Trendzer to generate business in this manner. Trendzer has a professional-sounding IVR system, and clients can easily reach a sales or service representative.

Beyond prospecting, Trendzer users can host group training sessions, sales presentations, and customer success sessions. There's no need to invest in multiple webinars or virtual meeting platforms, as these sessions can also be recorded for quality and training purposes.

Increasing Productivity to Maintain Measurable Results

With some technology investments, it can be difficult to measure ROI for a business application. Of course, historical reporting functions can let managers see increases in call volume, talk time and other activity metrics over time.

But one of the hottest trends in business over the past several years is digital transformation. In fact, a Forrester study found that 60 percent of executives feel they're lagging behind their competitors on this trend. Digital is no longer just the mandate of IT departments; it also crosses over into sales, marketing and operations.

Enhancing Business Processes Via Technology

Cloud-based, small-business contact center platforms help companies like real estate brokerages and high-tech consulting firms to control bottom line communications costs. Additionally, this technology drives profitability through increased productivity, as agents spend less time prospecting and more time actively engaged with clients.

For small businesses looking to accelerate growth, retain existing customers, and optimize their communications investment, ContactNow is your best way forward.

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