How to Improve Your Sales Account Call Center

Steady sales are the lifeblood of an organization. When they're not flowing easily, the whole organization suffers. With a sales account call center that is empowered and connected, your company can build trust with customers and help them solve their particular problems. That's a desirable outcome for a sales agent and should lead naturally to more sales and more growth. 

Sales often come down to a human connection. For all the amazing advances in messaging and unified communications, there is still nothing as effective as a human voice on the phone. People speaking to people, as equals, answering questions and allaying fears, can do wonders for your business. That's what makes a sales account call center such a powerful tool for a company.

But it needs to run smoothly. Busy signals, missed connections, poor quality calls and inefficiencies in connecting - they can all undo the good work of a committed sales agent—the technology has to back the agent up. The right cloud contact center can supercharge sales teams by allowing them to make more connections faster through automated outbound dialing, and by letting those agents focus on personally serving clients rather than going through the mechanics of dialing. 

Now, thanks to the massive efficiencies of scale produced by the cloud, sales teams in smaller businesses can access the powerful features of large-scale contact center systems, but without the accompanying cost and complexity.

5 Key Benefits of a Cloud-Based Call Center for Sales Teams

  1. Automated Dialing Saves Time: Sales reps should be spending their time talking to clients, not trying to get hold of them. Using features such as automated dialing to try several numbers at once and skipping voicemail answers to save time are just two ways that the tedious work of dialing can be transformed with the cloud.
  2. Productivity Increase: Sales is a numbers game. The more calls you make, the more success you have. Downtime between calls can be virtually eliminated by automatically queuing up the next call once the previous one ends.
  3. Improved Customer Engagement: The more that agents know about clients, the more power they have to build trust and connection. That's why integrating your call center with programs like Salesforce and Zendesk in the cloud can boost customer experience. 
  4. Major Cost Savings: The cloud eliminates the need for expensive hardware setups on premise and, as a result, eases the burden on IT departments. Without costly software licenses, companies can choose pay-as-you-go options that scale easily up and down depending on the environment.
  5. Easy Setup: Cloud contact centers offer quick set up and management through a simple interface designed to be used by non-technical end users. Users can work though a friendly interface connected to the internet instead of working directly with the on-premise equipment. 

The Power of Analytics

Once the sales account call center is linked to the cloud and operational, then a wealth of data begins to stream into the company; data that contains important information which can transform the effectiveness of the call center. Which agents are being most productive? When are the busiest call times? Why are there repeat calls around this topic? 

All of these questions and more can be answered by running data through analytic tools and onto easy-to-use dashboards for managers to dissect, study and use to drive efficiency and decision-making. 

Managing The Call Center

Gone are the days when a call ended with the client hanging up. Today's systems make sure that every call is recorded and stored in the cloud for easy access, if the need arises. On top of that, supervisors should have the ability to listen in to calls, make 'whisper' suggestions to the agent, or even to turn the conversation into a three-way chat if the agent requires assistance.

Ultimately, every business needs a sales team that feels empowered and equipped with the best tools available to do their jobs and bring in business. By using a state-of-the-art telephone solution, via affordable cloud-based technology, your sales agents can use the power of speaking directly to clients to make great sales and help your business grow. 

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