Global Call Center Solutions: Scale Your Customer Service

If you have a business that has offices overseas or has an international customer base, then you need a way to connect your employees and serve your wide customer base. If you’re using a traditional call center, you might run into difficulties with inter-office communication or expensive international calling.

However, there is a solution that can make it easy to manage your international business and provide stellar customer service no matter where in the world your customers happen to be. With a global call center, you can more effectively serve your customers and make communication easier between multiple locations. 

Learn why your business might need a global call center, the benefits it can bring your business, and how global call center solutions and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) work together. 

Do You Need a Global Call Center Solution?

Not every business will require a global call center. Global call centers are equipped to handle the needs of businesses that deal with international customers or have multiple offices all over the world.

Having a business with this type of communication and customer service needs brings with it new challenges. For example, most business call centers will need to ensure they have enough agents to handle a given call volume. International companies will not only need to address call volume, but also ensure they have enough agents that speak various languages while catering to multiple time zones. And that’s just the beginning.

A global call center will help to improve customer service throughout your business, no matter where your customers are. 

Benefits of a Global Call Center

A global call center can truly help to empower your organization. When your customer base or business spans the globe you'll need a call center that caters to your unique needs.

Here are some of the biggest ways global call centers can improve your business:

1. Reduced Costs

With a third-party cloud call center, you can reduce costs related to infrastructure, maintenance, hardware and more. If you’re using a traditional call center, then all of these will be company expenses. Plus, if your call center operates over phone lines, then you’ll have to factor in the cost of long distance calls as well.

Since cloud call centers will receive and place calls over a VoIP connection, there won’t be any additional fees associated with long-distance calls. It’s also much easier to route calls between multiple business locations without added costs as well. 

2. Multilingual Capabilities

If you have a diverse customer base, then you might need to offer multi-lingual support. With an in-house call center, this will be incredibly difficult and quite costly. With a cloud call center behind you, you have access to a global network of agents to draw upon. This can help you quickly meet the needs of different language markets, and even break into new markets and rapidly bring on new agents. 

3. Around-the-Clock Support

When you’re serving customers all over the globe you’ll need to have a support staff that caters to their needs no matter what time of day it is. Maintaining a 24/7 support staff is nearly impossible to do in-house. But, with a cloud call center provider, you can easily manage and deploy an around the clock support staff. 

Global Call Centers and CCaaS Integration

For an effective global call center, you’ll want to implement a CCaaS solution. By using Contact Center as a Service, you’ll reap all of the benefits highlighted above while being able to grow your business on a global scale.

CCaaS is a cloud solution that allows you to utilize the contact and call center resources of a third-party provider, and do so in a virtualized environment. This makes it so you don’t need the actual physic infrastructure to run a global call center. You’re essentially renting the service from another provider.

Beyond cutting expenses, this is one of the only ways to quickly build a global call center that becomes an asset to your business. 

If you have a wide ranging customer-base that spans multiple locations and languages, then you'll need a customer support solution that caters directly to them. With a global call center and integrated CCaaS solution you can meet their needs no matter where they happen to be. 

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