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Quality Management for 8x8 Virtual Contact Center

Tightly integrated cloud-based quality management solution makes optimizing contact center agent performance easier than ever before.

Your agents are your front line to your customers. When agents don’t perform, you hurt your customer relationships. 8x8’s Virtual Contact Center with Quality Management helps you deliver excellent customer experiences while maximizing agent efficiency. With 8x8 Quality Management, you can:

  • Identify and monitor agents in need of coaching
  • Highlight high-performing agents as role models

8x8’s Virtual Contact Center’s quality management capabilities offer powerful, yet simple ways to improve contact center agent performance.

Contact Center Quality Management - Monitor Agents Anywhere

Get the Best from Your Agents with 8x8 Quality Management

Fast to set up, easy-to-use system takes the cost and headaches out of coaching agents for optimal performance.

  • Tight integration into the 8x8 Virtual Contact Center
  • Powerful search tools to find noteworthy interactions
  • Efficient agent review environment:
    • Timeline allows you to easily move within a call
    • Separated agent and customer waveforms for efficient reviews
    • HD screen recordings provide insight into agent activities
    • Notes and reviews available on screen within the review environment
    • Administrator reports and scorecard-building tool
    • Screen and voice monitoring to track events in real time
  • Flexible scorecards to structure and rationalize feedback

8x8 Quality Management Features

Tight integration with 8x8 Virtual Contact Center

  • One contact center platform that delivers the breadth of functionality required to deliver excellent customer experiences and maximize agent efficiency
  • Automatically share agent information across contact center and quality management solutions
  • Single sign-on grants access across both products
  • Fast, simple quality management setup instantly incorporates agent information from Virtual Contact Center

Simple, easy-to-use toolset

  • Quickly and efficiently search through thousands of calls in seconds
  • Filter transactions on a variety of criteria, including:
    Agent’s name, queue, customer name, transferred calls, transaction codes, custom fields, and more
  • No complex linguistic search or artificial intelligence required: easily find noteworthy interactions using a simple search tool


Powerful tool for building agent review forms

  • Easily build agent review templates
  • Supports a variety of question types (yes/no, single answer, 1-10 scale)

Contact Center Quality Management - Build Agent Reviews Templates

Management capabilities to ensure best performance

  • Scoring calibration normalizes scores between different reviewers
  • With multiple reviewers scoring the same interaction, differences between the scores can be used to normalize the review scoring between different reviewers

Quality management scoring calibration

Agents anywhere

  • 100% cloud-based means you can manage agents no matter where they are located: in the contact center, a remote office,
    at home or elsewhere

Call recording storage

  • Storage plans by week, month, quarter or year
  • All calls can be archived for long-term storage for regulatory, legal or future access

Why 8x8 for Quality Management?

Now you can address skills gaps to measure improvement and maximize agent efficiency.  In doing so, you can monitor and improve your contact center’s SLA/KPI performance by:

  • Enhancing coaching to better guide agent performance
  • Speeding up agent training to improve agent productivity
  • Improving morale to reduce agent churn
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