Corporate Call Center vs CCaaS Solutions

Offering fast and responsive customer service is paramount for most corporations. For this reason, many corporations utilize a corporate call center.

However, a lot of corporations today are looking to elevate their customer service standards and are switching over to Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) providers. 

Learn what a corporate call center is, how an in-house call center differs from a CCaaS system and how upgrading to a CCaaS can benefit your corporation.

What is a Corporate Call Center?

The goal of a corporate call center is to improve customer relationships. Your existing customer service infrastructure, including your call center, should make it as easy as possible for your customers to reach out to you and solve their problems.

A corporate call center will usually be in-house, meaning you’re responsible for all of the call center hardware and software, as well as employing and training agents. Your call center will include all means of communication utilized by your customers to communicate with your business, including, phone calls, voicemail, email and live chat. 

Call centers can either be inbound or outbound or even both, depending on your needs. 

In-House Call Center vs. CCaaS

Most corporations will be employing traditional in-house call systems. However, third-party CCaaS systems are growing in popularity. Here’s how they differ from one another:

In-House Call Centers

In-house call centers are typically legacy systems. Instead of relying on internet technology and software to place calls, they’re done over traditional phone lines. These systems can be incredibly reliable and provide high call quality, but their usefulness is limited in some scenarios.

For example, if your business is expanding, or your support needs are growing, you might run into the limits of what your physical infrastructure can provide. You must also have a technical team for regular monitoring and maintenance of your call center. 

CCaaS Systems

CCaaS is a cloud-based communication system. It helps to unify all of your communication systems while reducing the workload of your technical team to maintain your call center software and hardware.

You’ll essentially be outsourcing all of the technical means of running a call center, while only receiving the benefits. For example, you’ll be able to efficiently scale your calling system, integrate multiple means of communication and get detailed analytics to improve your customer support. 

The Benefits of CCaaS for Corporations

CCaaS solution will provide the same level of service as an on-premise system. However, instead of your corporation being responsible for continued maintenance, upgrades and deployment, a third-party vendor will handle all of that for you, all from a centralized cloud platform.

Here are the main ways a cloud-based CCaaS can benefit your corporation:

1. Improved Customer Experience 

The main reason contact centers exist is to improve customer relationships. Traditional call centers can lead to long hold times, phone line configuration issues, and more. A CCaaS focuses on integrating multiple customer communication channels like phone, SMS, email, voicemail and more. 

Plus, with consistent data tracking, you can measure how well your call center is performing, and make adjustments to improve your level of service. 

2. Cost Savings and Better Scalability

Moving to a cloud-based system will offer you tremendous cost savings. Cloud solutions offer no upfront hardware investment, reduced downtime, lower building power costs and reduced staffing needs. Essentially, you’ll get an improved call center system without any upfront costs. You also won’t have to pay for any associated hardware costs when expanding your calling network. 

Plus, a CCaaS system will help to improve the productivity of your service team. This can lead to increased revenue across your entire organization. 

3. Integrated Reporting and Analytics Features

If you want to continue to improve your customer experience, then you’ll want to make decisions based on user data. With a CCaaS system, almost every aspect of customer communication can be tracked and quantified. This allows you to analyze the performance of your call center and identify weak points within your customer communication strategy. 

A lot of corporations rely on traditional call centers to address their customer service needs. However, more corporations are upgrading to CCaaS systems to improve their customer service and cut costs across their entire organization. 

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