Benefits of Cloud Call Center

Cloud-based call center software has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. Traditional call centers need to be installed on premises, which meant expensive installations and scaling difficulties.

But today call centers can be hosted in the cloud. This allows your business to host your contact center with a third-party provider without the need of any physical hardware.

Learn what a cloud call center is, how it differs from an on-premises call center, and how a cloud call center can benefit your business.

What is a Cloud Call Center?

A cloud call center is software with a web-based portal that allows you to better handle and manage customer calls and interactions. Since the software is cloud-based the software can be accessed from anywhere in the world, making it ideal for teams that are distributed, or have offices across the globe.

By employing a cloud call center you can reduce your internal operational costs while giving your business a way to scale your communication systems.

Cloud call centers will typically offer more than just inbound calling and have additional features like live chat, instant messaging, call recording, voicemail, call forwarding, and more. 

Cloud-Based vs. On-Premises Call Center

Even though cloud-based call centers continue to grow in popularity, using an on-premises system could still be the right call for your business. It all depends on your underlying needs and existing physical infrastructure. Here’s how they compare:

Cloud-Based Call Center

Cloud call centers are hosted in the cloud via a third-party provider. The call center software can then be accessed via a web or mobile app. Additional services can be added quickly, and the number of calling lines can be scaled up depending on your needs. However, you will require a fast and stable internet connection in order to provide high call quality. 

On-Premises Call Center

With an on-premises call center, you’re responsible for all of the technical infrastructure. This includes the necessary hardware, software, servers, headsets, and more. Usually, this will be in the form of a PBX. Your team will be responsible for the installation, setup, and continued maintenance of your call center. 

This will give you greater levels of control, but also greater employee requirements and ongoing maintenance. 

Benefits of Cloud Call Center Software

By upgrading to, or implementing, a cloud call center your business will receive a wide array of benefits. Here are some of the most common ways cloud call center software can help your business:

1. Improved Customer Experience

Upgrading your contact center should have a direct impact on your customer experience. If your customers currently have to wait through long hold times, or can’t reach you through their preferred support channel, then you’re doing them a disservice.

With cloud call center software you can easily expand your network to account for greater call volume, and offer your customers multiple methods of contact. 

2. Fast and Cheap Scaling

It’s common for business needs to change over time. With a cloud call center, you can easily scale up or down as you see fit. You won’t run into any infrastructure issues or hardware issues since you’re relying on a third-party. Not only will you be able to scale fast, and even bring on additional agents, but it’s cost effective as well. 

3. Easily Add New Features

With new digital technologies emerging every day you’ll want to be able to cater to these changing trends and customer preferences. With a cloud-based provider, you can easily add new software and apps as they come out. Most providers are continuously innovating and make it incredibly easy to deploy new features. 

4. Global Connectivity

If you have multiple office locations across the world or have an international customer base, then you’ll need a way to communicate effectively, while keeping costs down. With a cloud-based call center, all your calling will be centralized. Also, since calls will be made over an internet connection you’ll be saving on carrier call charges.

With a cloud call center, you can transform the way your business communicates. Not only that but you’ll reduce your overhead and make internal team communication easier.

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