CCaaS Technology Enables Remote Call Center Work

In today's agile work office environment, businesses are catering more and more to flexible work arrangements. In particular, call centers are increasingly taking advantage of remote work options. And from lowering overhead costs to providing a highly-desirable work option for employees, remote call center work has clear benefits for any business that handles customer calls.

To that end, virtual call center solutions combine the basics of VoIP technology with unified communications and customer relationship management platforms. Together, these tools help make remote call center work more seamless by not only providing a means of communication, but also the ability to arm agents with information and managers with analytic insights.

With a virtual call center, almost any employee can function remotely and simultaneously increase productivity — and that's a big reason why employment in remote call centers is thriving.

The Modern Call Center Business Model

Many businesses utilize call centers as a core business component in maintaining customer satisfaction. And while prior customer communication models focused on customer support to resolve issues related to individual transactions, the trend now is to follow a customer through the buyer's journey to promote a better brand experience and increase engagement.

In fact, this trend has influenced the customer experience strategies of 75 percent of companies, according to a study by Marketing Week. In that same vein, technology's evolution regarding connectivity is a driving force behind the move to both a customer experience-focused business model and one that allows remote work.

In the past, the potential of a work-from-home call center was limited. Although remote employees could use their home phone or a dedicated business line for customer calls, customer support requires much more than a phone. VoIP and remote-access technologies have existed for several years, but it has only been until recently that a complete virtual call center experience has been possible.

Mass business migration to cloud technologies — and innovations related to collaboration and CRM platform integration — have enabled a call center agent to complete all of their required tasks from virtually any location.   

Contact Center as a Service

One tool that has been quite effective in fostering a remote-friendly call center work experience is contact center as a service (CCaaS) solution software. CCaaS is also known as cloud contact center or virtual call center. Theses solutions arm call center agents with the tools necessary to manage multi-channel communications, which is crucial since most consumers choose to communicate via phone, email, live chat and social media, and they expect businesses to cater to offer such channels. 

It's no secret that customers have long held the opinion that few things in life are as potentially uncomfortable as calling a business to air a complaint or resolve an issue. Realistically, however, no amount of quality control will eliminate the need for excellent customer support. 

Mistakes happen or customers can simply have questions that need answers. CCaaS solutions can help businesses create an engaging form of customer support that provides accurate information while speeding up issue resolution and enabling a wide array of communications choices.

For example, customers who loathe the thought of calling a support line may be directed to an FAQ, easily navigable knowledge database or another self-service option. Additionally, common support issue resolution can be integrated into a smartphone app.

Another increasingly popular and useful tool is live or automated chat capability. These functions can change the face of customer support, reducing the need in some cases for large groups of phone bank agents and allowing for more flexible working arrangments.

In addition to providing multi-channel communications, virtual call center solutions, such as those offered by 8x8, allow for increased agent access to customer knowledge. Indeed, this is a key benefit for businesses looking to increase remote call center employment. 

Not only do 8x8's CCaaS solutions provide multi-channel communications as well as access to customer, product and service information with a simple click of a button, they also increase team productivity through workforce management. For instance, 8x8's workforce management tools can be optimized for remote workers, including scheduling models that save money and resources. The company's virtual office provides the following tools:

  • Seamless collaboration and call routing
  • No long-distance charged for remote callers
  • Four-digit dialing, even from a home office
  • No expensive equipment to maintain

Call centers rely on technology to empower them to be as productive as possible. With 8x8's Virtual Contact Center, you get world-class technology and everything your call center needs in one place. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out our online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.

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