How to Use Virtual Queuing in Call Centers

Call center queues to help call centers make sure calls go to the right agents. This can be used for skills-based queuing, can simply send calls to the next available agent, send the calls to specific ring groups, or use some other strategy for transferring calls. Queued callback features are helpful as well, so callers always are able to receive a call back from the call center when there is finally an available agent who can respond.

But what is the meaning of queuing in regards to your business?

What Does Virtual Queuing Mean in Call Centers?

Virtual queuing allows incoming calls to go to the right agents, which keeps calls organized and orderly, particularly for larger call centers with a higher volume of calls coming in. From a caller's perspective, virtual queues help ensure that time isn't wasted and call centers are able to provide a specialized customer experience.

A variety of different strategies can be used to send calls to agents, making it easier for call centers to focus on optimizing traffic. Essentially, call queuing is done all the time with public phone exchanges, with calls sent to specific phone numbers, although the recipient is usually a single phone number. Call queuing can route calls to one phone number out to others or to multiple extensions depending on the needs of the call center.

What Is Virtual Queuing?

Call centers rely on queuing by private branch exchange (PBX) units or software to keep everything on track and manage agents' workflow. Virtual queuing is managed through a virtual PBX, which is software run by a server to provide PBX functionality and features. This allows the call center to access the same features a PBX would provide without needing to purchase or rent a PBX server for onsite call routing. Thanks to virtual queuing and other software functionality, virtual call centers are able to operate in the cloud, minimizing their own investment in infrastructure and on-premises software.

This provides call centers with more options for managing agent workflows. Callers keep their place in line whenever new calls come in and the right agents are able to answer. This could be the next available agent or an agent with a specialty or part of a team. Different departments can be part of the call queues, too, allowing for endless customization of different calls and call groups for different purposes.

How Does it Relate to Inbound Calls and Call Center Software?

Virtual call queuing is connected with inbound call center operations and is often part of a call center software platform.

Here's how it relates:

Inbound Calls: Incoming calls to a call center have to be sent to an agent who can answer them and speak over the phone with the caller. Instead of sending calls in a chaotic and disorganized fashion, call centers use virtual call queuing to handle call management.

Call Center Software: Virtual queuing is often managed by call center software, which provides the routing for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking and other Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls. With SIP trunking, the Internet itself provides the connection for phone traffic to travel through.

Inbound call centers use call center software for a variety of different purposes, but virtual queuing may be one of the most important functions of call center technology. Call centers can use queues as part of many different call management strategies.

Getting Started with Virtual Queuing

Virtual queuing is a good reason for call centers to consider call center technology upgrades. With a call center software solution, your business can get the benefits of a PBX without installing or maintaining costly equipment. Routing calls to the right place allows call centers to manage their workflows and stay organized.

Thanks to advanced call center technologies, call centers have so many more options and features available to them. Call queue patterns are easy to set up and change based on adjustments to demand or changing call center needs, too.

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