Call Center Technology Comes of Age in the Cloud

Before the internet transformed all aspects of the economy, the modern call center was often neglected or treated as an afterthought. But today, call center technology in many companies is integrated with CRM platforms, which is effectively managing the business processes, thereby leading to improved efficiency, a better understanding of operations and happier clients. 

Plug & Play

The right call center technology needs to be integrated into your business simply and quickly. There's really nothing more off-putting to call center agents and administrators than the need to spend long hours grappling with new technology and complex installations, which cost valuable hours of meaningful contact with clients. 

Most modern call center technology can be self-installed and configured so that it's up and running in a matter of moments, while also offering the option of utilizing a virtual office professional installation team to get their service up and running in no time.

The technology also offers seamless integration with popular software like Outlook, Salesforce, and Zendesk in order to minimize disruption to an agent's workflow, while offering new powerful tools to make their jobs easier. 

The Tech at the Heart of the System

Just because the technology that underpins these software solutions is complex, it doesn't mean that it should be complex to use. User experience is crucial and will make the difference in whether your agents embrace the change and become ambassadors, or resist the new technology and try to continue working as they were doing. 

When selecting the right call center technology, start off by answering these four questions that will inform your decision-making as you go forward:

  • Is the solution cloud-based? A true cloud-based solution — provided over the Internet using an industrial-strength version of the technology behind VoIP phone service — reduces the complexity of implementation, eliminates maintenance, and increases the usability of the system.
  • Are there hardware requirements? The requirement to purchase hardware can put a burden on your business. And the setup of telephony routers, terminal adapters and on-premises servers can severely complicate implementation and support.
  • Does the provider meet key security and compliance standards? Increasingly, companies are coming under scrutiny for their security and compliance policies. As such, customers and even suppliers are finding themselves reconsidering whether they wish to continue patronizing a business that's perceived as being careless with customer data.
  • What CRMs does the solution work with? Integration with CRM software is particularly important. That’s because CRM solutions can furnish and collect important customer information. When your CRM is integrated with your contact center software, agents can instantly see a customer’s history with the data popping onto their screens. Additionally, agents can utilize other customer data to make future interactions more efficient, profitable, and customer-pleasing  

Operational Analytics

No discussion of cloud technology is complete without a look at the insights that it will be providing to your entire organization in real time. 

As one of the primary contact points with consumers, it's vital managers understand what's taking place in the call center. For example, they need to know when call volume is heaviest, how well these calls are being handled, and which agents are the most successful and who are struggling to keep up. They also need to be able to listen in on some calls, offer advice in particular situations, and even join the conversation on a tricky call. 

The right call center technology will deliver all of that information as its happening via easy-to-understand dashboards that can be configured to present the most meaningful statistics to your particular business. 

Many people focus on the ways in which VOIP-based call centers, in conjunction with an integrated CRM, make the business of running a call center that much easier. Clients often begin with an appreciation of that aspect of technology, but grow to really like and understand the analytical end of the business the more they use it.  

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