The Benefits of Call Center Software Support

You’ve probably experienced these yourselves while calling a call center: Long hold times, voice response systems that don’t work, having to tell multiple people the same information, or agents that can’t solve the problem. This leads to frustrated customers and lost business.

The right call center support can solve these problems.

Call Center Support

Call center software can increase your efficiency and make for happier customers. It helps agents as well. By connecting your team—wherever they are—with instant access to the information by integrating with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. This gives you what you to handle customer inquiries and alleviate frustration on both sides.

The benefits of providing superior customer service and support are well-documented. It creates higher customer satisfaction and increases customer loyalty. Consumers spend, on average, 17% more to do business with companies that deliver on their service promise. Likewise, two-thirds of customers say when they are considering a purchase, the customer experience is more important than the price.

Providing superior customer service can set you apart from your competitors. Failing to do so can also set you apart (but not in a good way). In a social media world, people share both good and bad experiences.

How Call Center Software as a Service (CCaaS) Can Help

Staffing a call center is expensive. Recruiting, training, and retaining workers is time-consuming. Having too few agents on hand can cost you customers. Having too many can cost you as well. That’s just a few reasons why many companies are turning to CCaaS as a solution, but there are plenty of others.

The right call center support can be provided in an omnichannel manner regardless of which platform customer want to connect with you. Whether it’s voice, email, chat, or social, you need to handle every interaction even if customers switch between them. 

A cloud-based virtual call center is completely scalable and capable of handling surges in calls. By staffing to handle fluctuations, customers are less likely to experience long waits. Outsourcing your call center services can minimize your investments in hardware. Call center providers are able to spread equipment and training costs across clients which lead to savings.

Happy, well-trained customer service agents make a positive impression on customers. They also need access to the right information about both customers and customer inquiries in order to handle interactions promptly. Giving agents the tools they need helps them represent your business in a friendly, professional manger. 

An agile call center solution can route calls to the right individual to handle the interaction regardless of where they are. Customers hate both long wait times and having to call back. In fact, 65 percent of customers say having to call more than once to get an answer is their biggest aggravation when it comes to dealing with companies. In this always-connected world, customers want answers when they want it and not necessarily when it’s convenient for you. For businesses, staffing across time zones can increase payroll significantly. It’s even more expensive if you want to have in-house staff available to answer calls 24/7. Contact centers can handle different time zones and after-hours calls.

In addition, outsourcing all or part of your customer call center provides for a host of other benefits:

  • Free up time for staff members to work on other projects
  • A fixed monthly cost allows you to more easily budget
  • Data collection and analytics to measure and improve service
  • Access to the latest technology
  • Around the clock service and support

Call Center Support and Software Can Save Time and Money

Using call center software as part of your communications strategy can save you time and money. An agile, virtual contact center—combined with workforce optimization, advanced business phone and collaboration services and unified communications—can make your business more efficient. That pays off in customer retention, loyalty, and satisfaction.

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