Call Center Software Benefits Businesses Via Integrated Communications

Today, there are numerous ways for businesses to connect with their customers. From email to social media, technology offers numerous ways for businesses to inform and engage customers. Increased unified communications channels provide a foundation for optimal customer experience, too.

Call center software helps businesses add structure to their communication while integrating other aspects of the customer lifecycle. The benefits of a call center to business include providing a platform for customer service management, facilitating communications, and enabling processes for reporting, monitoring and analytics. 

Call center software can also be deployed through the cloud, which reduces administration and equipment costs while allowing smaller businesses to compete with larger enterprises. Here's a look at how call center software benefits businesses through integrated communications.

Why Call Centers are the Foundation of the Customer Experience

Customer experience, or CX, has become the model in ensuring customer satisfaction. Unlike customer support — this was the previous model of troubleshooting customer complaints and issues — customer experience focuses on every aspect of a company's relationship with its customers. Additionally, this holistic approach to customer satisfaction aims to provide responsiveness but also engagement. With a focus on customer experience, workflows follow a customer's entire journey. 

Moreover, viewing customer satisfaction as a long-term relationship rather than a collection of transactions helps reinforce brand identity and develop an ongoing rapport with customers. This developed relationship encourages feedback, which, in turn, can help inform process improvements. 

By not engaging customers, companies run the risk of decreased business and losing these customers altogether. This is particularly the case with customers who have repeated poor brand experiences. In these situations, not only does a business lose a customer, but it also has no clue as to the reason. While engagement typically makes for happier customers, it also ensures that open dialogues exist.

How Businesses Benefit from Using a Call Center

While a call center is the foundation of communications with customers, a well-managed system incorporates customer relationship management (CRM) features and customer experience management (CEM) tools. Businesses have long learned the importance of customer data collection for sales and marketing purposes.

But, when call centers are used as customer and communications hubs, support data can provide insights into operations. Rich analytics can fuel a superior customer experience and increased overall quality management abilities. Imagine following your customer through every step of the marketing, sales, service and support lifecycle. With accurate real-time insights, your agents can be proactive and prepared to solve issues rather than spend inordinate amounts of time trying to determine the problem.

The ability to know the potential problem and the customer's history before the customer is connected to an agent is priceless for retention purposes. While quality is, of course, a crucial component of any business, complaints can be highly beneficial. 

Remember, the majority of dissatisfied customers just leave. Bu with a proactive and effective call center, all customers are encouraged to contact you for any reason. Complaints are opportunities to unearth process inefficiencies, poor quality and other problems that might not ordinarily be visible to operations. 

Why Businesses Employ Cloud-Based Call Center Software

An effective call center, however, is not just phones and operators. Unified communications solutions integrate with call centers, quickly arming agents with expert answers, thereby decreasing timeframes for issue resolution. The modern call center calls for solutions that allow for growth and agility, while improving customer interactions and agent productivity. 

Cloud-based call center software provides the best features of modern phone systems with contact center features, without the expense in equipment and management of on-site call center systems. In essence, the cloud levels the playing field so small teams and new businesses can have some or all of the features that larger enterprises own. In addition, when it comes to analytics, the cloud cannot be topped in terms of agility, scalability, access to insight power and cost-effectiveness.

Arming Businesses with the Tools for Success

Cloud-based virtual call and contact center solutions, such as those offered by 8x8, arm businesses with tools for improving CX, optimizing enterprise-class call centers, and providing insights into customer and employee activity. No matter the size of your business, 8x8's call center solutions are intuitive, fully featured and simple to deploy.

Moreover, 8x8's unified communications solutions enhance employee performance while using real data to control costs. With 8x8, businesses can have access to rich features all from the cloud. The virtual call center also enables companies to have the ability to staff more remote agents, monitor call volume from multiple offices and review richly detailed activity reports, anytime and from anywhere. 

Call centers rely on their technology to empower them to be as productive as possible. With 8x8's Virtual Contact Center, you get world-class technology and everything your call center needs in one place. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out our online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.

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