Call Center Reporting Features and Benefits

Want to help improve your business’s ability to handle customer service requests? Simply implementing a call center solution isn’t enough, you need to concisely improve the quality of service you can offer. So how do you do that? Though call center reporting and analytics.

Most modern call center solutions have integrated reporting that will give you tangible data related to how well your call center is performing. This will allow you to make better decisions and elevate the quality of your call center over time. Learn what call center reporting is, the top call center metrics you’ll want to track and how call center reporting software can help you easily track and implement any data you discover. 

What Is Call Center Reporting?

Call center reporting is a feature that gives you performance-based data. By tracking certain call center metrics, you’ll get tangible proof about how well your call center is serving your customers. With the data provided, you’ll be able to answer questions like: 

  • Are call agents sticking to calling scripts?
  • Are customers leaving the conversation feeling satisfied?
  • Do you need to bring on additional agents? 
  • How long are customers waiting before an agent picks up?
  • Are my call agents playing into their service strengths and skills?

The goal of call center reporting is to give you valuable and useful data, so you can make better business decisions. 

The Top Call Center Metrics to Track

Call center reporting is useful, but only if you’re tracking the right call center statistics. Here are a handful of metrics that will provide you with actionable data:

1. Overall Customer Satisfaction 

This is probably the most important metric: Are your customers satisfied?

You’ll obtain this data by asking your customers to rate the quality of service provided. Having a high customer rating means that your call center is doing its job, while a low rating means you need to improve agent training or your call center practices. 

2. First Call Resolution 

First call resolution (FCR) will be defined differently depending on the goals of your call center. It generally refers to an agent being able to resolve the purpose of the call without the need to transfer or have follow-up calls. 

You’ll discover this metric based on customer reporting. You can do this through customer surveys, questions at the end of a call or defining your FCR through no transfers or follow-ups. 

3. Time to Answer Call 

Most callers will hang up after too many rings. Your call center agents should answer the phones as quick as possible. Those who hang up could end up being potential customers, which could cost your company revenue; or they could be current customers, which could lead to lower customer satisfaction rates. Luckily, you can avoid this by tracking how long it takes your agents to answers calls and improve this time. 

4. Call Abandonment Rates 

Your call abandonment rate will show what percentage of your customers are hanging up before an agent picks up the phone. If your call abandonment rate is very high, then you’re missing out on a lot of potential leads, or you’ll have a lot of angry customers.

This metric will show that something isn’t working with your call center. This could be that you don’t have enough agents to handle your call volume and callers are being placed on hold too long or your calling process is too confusing. 

5. Overall Call Volume

Your call volume should be measured on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This will help you see if your current agents can meet the existing call volume. It will also help you spot any trends, so you can ensure you always have the right number of agents. 

How Can Center Reporting Software Can Help

Reporting and analytics should be integrated into your call center platform. Sometimes this will be an add-on service, but for most providers, this is a stock service. With call center reporting software, you not only get access to your call center data, but you’ll be able to create custom reports to more easily visualize the data. 

With easy data interpretation and custom report generation, you'll be able to make data-driven decisions that'll improve your customer experience and revenue levels.

Don't Wait to Improve Your Customer Experience

Call reporting is an integral feature of most call centers. By tracking the right metrics you'll elevate your customer service and even improve your profits. 

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