What Is a Call Center Receptionist?

Call center receptionists allow call centers to quickly respond to incoming calls and route them to the right people. Since first impressions matter, it's important to have the right receptionist solution for your call center. Whether that means having a live person answer onsite, a virtual receptionist, or an automated attendant, every business deserves the right call center receptionist solution. 

For your call center and industry, the best solution may be a software-based automated attendant. Callers are presented with a menu of options to choose from or may leave a message. 

Virtual receptionists, on the other hand, are a great solution for organizations that want a live agent to answer their calls. 

What Is a Virtual Receptionist? 

Virtual receptionists are call center agents who answer the phone offsite but are connected to your company's phone system. Thanks to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), they are able to provide your organization with a professional image by appearing to be onsite team members. This is a scalable option for companies that need live representatives but also aren't necessarily ready to hire full-time and onsite staff members. 

A virtual receptionist can participate through just about any VoIP phone system, and it's easy to route calls over to the receptionist service, making it simple to outsource receptionist functions at your organization. 

What Is an Automated Attendant? 

Automated attendants help connect calls to the right department or agent. You can enlist the help of automated attendant software to help your organization answer calls more quickly and ensure every call goes to the right place. 

Here are just a few benefits:

  • Track the total time spent on phones
  • Relay important information upfront to callers, such as hours of operation, contact information, website address, email, and more
  • Immediately answer calls to provide estimated wait times, menu options, and more
  • Elevate the phone experience for VIP callers
  • Record calls
  • Monitor call center performance

Having an automated attendant gives you more options for how calls are answered and routed. You can quickly make changes and adjustments, usually from an online portal. This makes it easy to keep your automated attendant updated with the latest information, change messages, deactivate the system temporarily, and more. Call center automated receptionists are fairly easy to use and customize to your business. 

How Do Call Center Receptionists Relate to Contact Center/CCaaS Software?

Contact centers are today's call centers that handle a variety of different types of corporate communications. Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) software is capable of working with a variety of different call center receptionist solutions, so your company can choose how the phones should be answered every time and in every situation. CCaaS software can help your organization deliver a better customer experience. 

What Can Call Center Receptionists Do for Your Business?

A big part of your organization's customer service experience is that first point of contact. Call center receptionists can help you professionally and personally respond to every customer. Whatever form of contact is needed and whatever the channel, your business can find the right way to respond. 

Over time, improving customer experience over the phone can boost overall customer satisfaction with your organization and help your business meet and exceed its goals. 

How Do You Know if Your Call Center Makes a Good Impression?

There are many ways to make a good impression on callers, but the beginning of the call is crucial. It's important to nail that first impression right away.

How do you know if you're doing this successfully? You can use surveys, simply ask callers, and incentivize participation. Monitoring calls and using call center software to help you verify compliance with your organizations call standards can also help. By tagging non-compliant language or monitoring caller emotions through call center analytics, your company can ensure that call center agents are meeting your standards. That said, the only way to know for sure is to continually improve the customer experience and make this a central part of your call center. Train your team, reward agents who really understand customer service, and do whatever you can to make it a greater priority at your organization. 

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