Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing

Call center outsourcing isn't a new trend, but it is a benefit companies are utilizing to save money, time, and resources. An outsourced call center looks just like any call center on the surface — it's what you can't see that makes all the difference. 

A traditional call center utilizes expensive communications hardware and software. Hardware must be purchased or leased from a local phone company or provider who specifically handles communications hardware. The hardware must also be installed and maintained by the same company, which means purchasing an expensive maintenance contract. 

In addition to the required hardware, communications software is also needed. Communications software includes inbound and outbound call management and routing, a CRM, integration with billing software, and more. It's important that each application has the ability to communicate with each other otherwise the job of a call center representative will be difficult and their overall productivity will be lower.

The Benefits of Using an Outsourced Call Center

With the advent of cloud technology, call centers have benefited from decreased cost and complexity in communications hardware and software. When a call center outsources their hardware, they use any number of call center outsourcing services. The services or providers house all of the hardware that sits in the call center. Just as Amazon AWS lets companies use powerful web servers remotely, cloud communications providers do the for communications hardware.

There are several benefits to using these call center outsourcing services:

  • Reduced cost since hardware doesn't need to be purchased or leased
  • Low or no maintenance contract required
  • No on-site installation
  • Easily add new staff to the system

In addition to the hardware, any call center needs communications software to operate.

What Is the Relationship Between Call Center Outsourcing and Call Center Software (CCaaS)?

While call center hardware can be expensive, the communications software needed can also come with a hefty price tag. Call center outsourcing services provide unified communications software as part of their offering, and call centers pay a monthly fee to use that software. Communications software from these outsourced service providers will often contain everything call centers need to function:

  • Inbound and outbound call management and call routing. This software handles dialing customer phone numbers based on parameters provided by the call center. For example, if a customer who hasn't yet purchased a product should be called every two weeks, the customer name will come up on the rep's computer screen. The rep can click to call the customer and the communications software will take care of dialing and recording the call. Inbound calls are routed to an available rep.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software. This contains a database of all customers and their call history, allowing reps to see all previous interactions with a customer. 
  • Sales software. This software tracks where a customer is within the sales life cycle. A customer might have made a small purchase from the company but hasn't yet moved to a larger purchase. With this information, the rep can try to upsell the customer on a higher priced product. 
  • Integration with billing software. The ability to integrate with existing billing software lets a rep pull up a customer's billing history. Because of the amount purchased, the software may also flag the customer as a VIP or even show related products that the customer hasn't yet purchased. The rep can then try to sell the customer on these products.

You might wonder if the hardware is ever offered in a service provider's package. The answer is no. It isn't even necessary to discuss hardware details. The customer is ultimately interested in the result, which is the communications software. 

Delivery of the software from a service provider is done over the Internet, and the call center installs a small app on all of their computers. This allows them to securely connect to the service providers' servers and run the communications software.

Call center outsourcing is both cost-efficient and easily scales. Call centers no longer have to install expensive hardware and software. Outsourced service providers now take care of the hardware and software details, while delivering communications software in the cloud as a service.

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