Using a Call Center App

Call center apps allow organizations to manage call center operations and connect to call center functions remotely, on a computer or with a smartphone. Thanks to these apps, staying connected as an organization is easier and more effective than ever. So much of what call centers do requires help from software. And having apps available to power these functions can help your business and simplify business operations. 

Choosing the right call center apps can have a significant impact on what your organization can accomplish. Many call center apps are part of a unified, single platform with omnichannel functionality. Having a single app can make it easier for agents to connect to the call center system. 

What types of apps do call center agents typically use? 

Call center agents can rely on apps for a variety of different functions. Call center apps can help agents and call centers in the following ways:

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) or voice recognition: Allows customers to interact with the call center system and select various options. 
  • Call queues: Callers can be placed into queues to help manage incoming calls and organize who speaks with which agent. 
  • Ring groups: Every phone within a single ring group rings at once for an incoming call. The first agent to pick up the phone is the one who gets the call. This ensures that calls are answered quickly by available agents. Agents who are currently on calls are passed over automatically. 
  • Analytics and reporting: Call center software can also collect analytical data and generate reports so managers can make more effective business decisions. 
  • Training: Call center apps can help with training by providing agents with opportunities to learn remotely. 
  • Predictive dialing: With predictive dialing, agents can quickly call phone numbers automatically without wasting time between calls. This makes dialing more efficient. 
  • Call back: Calls can be placed on a list to be called back when call volume is lower. This gives callers the option of not having to wait on hold. 
  • Live chat: Agents can chat with visitors to your business website, making the call center a contact center with multiple channels of communication. 
  • Call monitoring and recording: With call monitoring, call centers can listen-in on agent calls and record them for training later. 
  • Virtual call center: Create a virtual call center with call center management apps so your team can work remotely or via a combination of different phones, locations, and teams. 
  • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking: Connects your call center phone system to the public branch exchange and landline phones, other SIP connected phones, and cell phones. Call phones whether or not they are VoIP powered. 

With these and other features, call center apps can help agents connect to the call center in various ways and work remotely. Management has access to call center monitoring features. Using the added functionality, call center teams can become more productive and effective. 

How can organizations choose the right call center apps for their goals?

To find the right app, your organization needs to decide what features and functions to prioritize. Different apps and vendors may offer different features, so determining what is most important to you can help your business choose the best systems. 

Here are our tips for finding the right call center apps:

  • Get the team involved. Give your agents or anyone at your business who will be routinely using the software an opportunity to voice their opinions. Ask them to help your organization compare apps. 
  • Decide what metrics are most important, and identify a vendor who is particularly effective at helping you excel in those areas. 
  • Make a pros and cons list. 
  • Ask each vendor about their experience with your industry. 

Getting started with the right call center apps

Apps can help your call center accomplish more. Powering today's call centers, apps enable businesses to track key metrics and measure improvements. With a wide range of functions, call center apps can give your business phone system so many more advanced features. 

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