3 Call Center Analytics Use Cases for Improved Performance

Today's businesses have easy access to vast amounts of data to fuel process improvements and augment customer experience. Efficient processes help minimize costs and allow for budget expansion in other areas of innovation and growth.

One area where technological innovations are especially useful for improved overall operations is call center data analytics.

What Is Call Center Analytics?

Call center analytics makes the front-line customer experience more transparent. Insights from your organization's collected data increase support agent productivity while resulting in happier customers. These two areas drive modern business optimization.

With an optimal call center experience, customers will perceive your brand positively, even in the face of quality control issues. When your employees are working efficiently, less time is spent solving problems, which results in potential lower overhead.

Call Center Analytics Use Cases

Whether data influences improvements or simply provides insight into previously hidden details of your workflows and processes, the potential for growth is evident.

Here are three call center analytics use cases that illustrate the potential benefits of tapping into customer call data.

1. Monitoring and Automation

Analytics provides a broader view of your call center activities. Without the insights from analytics, managers only learn about problems after escalation. It gets worse if only a small number of concerns are moved to management for intervention.

With the use of call analytics, organizations can adopt a bird's-eye view of their call center, while machine learning and artificial intelligence can help spot anomalies and inefficient trends before they become problematic.

Modern call center solutions provide the framework for the efficient management of communications with customers. Beyond providing customizable alerts for potential problems, analytics is a useful tool for automating certain call center tasks. For example, call centers can automate quality assurance through searches for certain words and phrases in recorded calls.

2. Interaction Analytics

With analytics, you can increase the value of every customer interaction. As a call center, you are likely recording calls for quality assurance, but you can also use conversation data to improve customer experience directly.

Natural language processing (NLP) can unlock your customer's exact needs and desires more quickly. With speech analytics, new technologies can not only search for certain words that can point to trends, but they also can identify tone. This is important in situations where a customer complaint may be marked as resolved, when the customer's tone in a follow-up call may indicate a continued issue.

For example, a customer may interact with a support associate or automated system, only to relent due to frustration. Traditional metrics might note this interaction as a successful one, where it may have resulted in a lost opportunity.

3. Fraud Prediction

Call center data analytics can help businesses turn information into opportunity. Sometimes, this refers not only to new sales and continued relationships with existing customers but also the chance to halt potential fraud and misuse.

Information security is often focused on emerging threats to cybersecurity, especially regarding businesses that handle private customer and financial data. Still, one of the most pervasive threats to security comes from phone calls. Through social engineering, fraudsters and criminals can access account information. While call centers have various controls to ensure identity is confirmed over the phone, there is always a risk that the person on the other end of the line is skilled at deception.

Analytics can help bolster existing anti-fraud policies by providing a monitoring tool for compliance with procedures. Also, analytics can provide insights into unusual activity. While these "hot sites" on a call center map can primarily alert a business to quality issues, they also can trigger data theft awareness.

Putting Data to Good Use Through Analytics

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