Understanding the Call Center Agent

Call center agents work in a call center taking incoming calls or making outgoing calls. They may work in a variety of different industries, settings, and types of call centers. Some call center agents even work from home. Without these agents, it would be difficult for companies to provide strong customer service and communicate with the public. Agents may also respond to other forms of communication such as emails, chat, or SMS text messaging. 

What Is the Call Center Agent's Role in a Virtual Call Center?

Virtual call centers connect call center agents remotely so they can work from anywhere and still connect to the same phone system and work within the same phone queue. Call centers can hire call center agents no matter where they live or how far they are from a corporate location or physical office. 

Call center agents are a vital link within a company's team. They serve as representatives of the organization and may be the only people within a company with whom customers communicate. Therefore they need to make a great impression. They have responsibility for what they say and how they convey the company's messaging and solutions to others. How the public views that company may depend on the service they receive from call center agents over the phone.

Solving problems, selling a product, relaying basic information about the company, or doing other tasks may be part of a call center agent's job responsibilities. 

What Are Typical Call Center Agent Duties and Job Responsibilities?

Typical job responsibilities include:

  • Answering phones: Call center agents often respond to incoming phone calls from customers, other employees, vendors, or other members of the public. Calls come in directly or are forwarded from other departments. Ring groups of agents allow team members to ensure every call is answered promptly. 
  • Outbound calls: Agents may be responsible for making calls. Outbound call centers, telemarketers, and sales teams all may require agents to do a lot of outbound calling. 
  • Chat: Omnichannel call centers involve a variety of different communications channels. Online chat may be part of a call center agent's typical dutties. 
  • Sales: In a sales team, call center agents may be responsible for meeting sales goals individually or as part of a team. 
  • Interviewing: Some teams conduct interviews of callers or customers. The agent may have a list of questions or a set batch of information to collect for sales or other purposes. 
  • Responding to questions: As people ask questions about the company or send in inquiries, it's often the call center agent's responsibility to respond with the right information and guidance.
  • Meet company standards for communications: Following guidance provided by management, call center agents must follow the company's behavior and communications standards. Professionalism, quality customer service, and standard language should be incorporated in conversations. 

How Does Call Center Software Help Call Center Agents in Their Jobs?

Call center software helps agents have the right information in front of them while they are on calls. It also helps them stay productive, measure their performance, and stay connected to the right software tools. UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) software may help agents to stay organized and minimize mistakes during calls. Management, too, has a lot to benefit from by using call center software. Managers can watch and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs), gaining real-time data on the need for improvement or strategic changes to how the call center operates. 

Other features, such as tagging, allow agents to pick up on language and key terms that occur frequently during typical calls. For instance, if the same topics are consistently brought up by customers, it can become more obvious what problems people are experiencing and which questions most frequently arise. 

Call Center Agents Make a Difference

Call center agents work hard to represent their companies well to customers. They take calls, make calls, and help reach sales goals. They serve a variety of different industries and brands. Call center software helps them do their jobs more effectively and have access to the right information. 

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