Call Center Accounts Provider Boosts Customer Service

In today’s business environment, customer service is the key to attracting and retaining customers and competing successfully against rival companies. A reputation for great service can make you stand out from competitors, while poor service can drive business away. Recognizing this, top companies have turned to automation as a way to improve their customer service efficiency. One of the most important automation solutions for enhancing customer service is call center technology.

Call center software can allow you to handle higher-volume customer service more efficiently with a smaller staff by leveraging the power of the cloud and automation. Here’s what you need to know about how a call center accounts provider can help improve your customer service, as well as what to look for when choosing a provider:

Meeting Today’s Customer Service Challenges

Traditionally, price and product quality have been the keys to competing in the business world. But as technology has advanced and made it possible for companies to deliver quality products at low prices, it has become harder for companies to compete, and customer service has emerged as the most important competitive differentiator. By 2020, customer service will be the most important key to standing out from competitors, a Walker study projects.

But recognizing that customer service is important is one thing, delivering great customer service is another. A number of obstacles typically stand in the way of delivering good customer service, generating customer complaints:

  • High customer service volume: Customer service staffs are often flooded with more tickets than their available personnel can handle. For customers, this translates into long wait times, generating complaints. Arizona State University study found that six in ten consumers say the customer service failure that angers them the most is the amount of time they have to wait on hold.
  • Poor deployment of automation: To address the problem of overwhelming customer service volume, many companies turn to automated solutions. While this is a smart strategy, when poorly executed, it can backfire. Many companies virtually substitute automated solutions for live support, which can alienate customers who need human help. According to a Consumer Reports survey, the top customer service complaint in the United States is being unable to reach a human representative.
  • Weak security standards: Automation can also backfire by creating security problems. Few things can hurt a company’s reputation more than a security breach that compromises customers’ sensitive personal or financial data. When the information customers share with you gets compromised, they blame you, and they don’t trust you. Two-thirds of companies have suffered damage to their reputations due to a security breach, and nearly one in four have lost 7 percent or more of their revenue as a result, a Kroll study found.

To address these challenges, companies need to be strategic about picking the right solution when using automation to manage high customer service volume. A good solution needs to handle tickets efficiently, balance automated and human support, and provide security for customer data.

How a Call Center Accounts Provider Helps Meet Today’s Customer Service Needs

A key to using technology effectively for customer service is to select the right call center technology. This means choosing a good call center accounts provider. Today’s cutting-edge call center services provide you with a digital, cloud-based infrastructure (Contact Center as a Service, or CCaaS) for managing communications with your customers, including both automated and live communications. This helps you solve several of the most common customer service issues.

  • Smart automated support: Traditional automated support systems previously relied on tools such as recorded hold messages and phone menus, which can annoy customers when hold times become too long and menu options aren’t relevant. Today’s IVR technology uses artificial intelligence to allow customers to request support options in their own words, generating more relevant menu options for faster service. This helps alleviate the problems created by high call volume.
  • Integrated automated and human support: Today’s IVR technology is also smart enough to recognize the difference between tickets that can be solved through automated options and tickets that require human support. This allows you to integrate automated and human support in a seamless transition that avoids frustrating customers. Additionally, using a cloud-based infrastructure allows today’s call centers to integrate all support channels through a single interface, so that voice communication, web chat, email, and other support channels all go through the same centralized system. This allows automated tools from non-voice channels, such as chatbots, to be smoothly integrated with human support as well.
  • Cloud-managed security: With a traditional call center, you’re responsible for your own security, which can be problematic if you don’t have a full-time security team expert in digital communications security. When you use cloud-based call center services, your provider manages security from their end, using their professional security staff. This strengthens your security while freeing you from the burden of having to rely on an in-house security team.

These benefits make CCaaS services one of the top technological tools for customer service automation.

Choosing the Right CCaaS Software Solution

When choosing a CCaaS solution, it’s essential to go with the right provider. 8x8's cloud call center software is specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s business:

  • Cutting-edge smart automated support tools: The 8x8 suite of call center services includes the latest IVR technology, allowing you to handle high call volume without requiring a large support staff. The 8x8 platform also includes smart analytics tools that provide user-friendly dashboards for tracking your call center performance and managing and optimizing your support center workflow.
  • Omnichannel integration: The cloud-based 8x8 platform integrates your IVR automation with a full range of omnichannel support options, including voice, chat, and email, for a seamless transition from channel to channel or from automated to live support. Smart analytics tools quickly identify what a customer needs help with as well as which representatives are available with the required skill set to assist them, rapidly routing customers to the best available representatives.
  • Enterprise-grade security standards: The 8x8 cloud infrastructure is protected by industry-leading security that meets rigorous data protection standards for all industries, including PCI standards for protecting financial transactions. With 8x8, you can rest easy knowing your call center communications are secured by the highest available standards.

With efficient automation, seamless omnichannel integration, top-notch security, and other industry-leading features, 8x8 is the ideal CCaaS service for companies seeking a call center solution.

A good call center accounts provider should deliver cloud-based omnichannel support, integration of automated and human support channels, and security to protect your customers’ sensitive information. Choosing the right call center provider goes hand-in-hand with choosing the right cloud provider.

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