Choosing the Best Call Center Software

The benefits of customer satisfaction are well-known. Happy customers are more loyal. They shop more often and spend more when they do. They tell others about their experiences. Yet, consumers say the majority of companies are falling short.

  • 70 percent of consumers say understanding how they utilize services and products is vital to securing their business (SalesForce)
  • 87 percent of customers say companies need to put “more effort” into their call center interactions (ZenDesk)
  • 57 percent of consumers have switched to a competitor company because they provided a superior customer service experience (SalesForce)

If customers want better interactions and companies recognize the need, why isn’t it happening? Despite knowing what needs to be done, less than a quarter of companies are taking action. 

The best call center software can help you increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and grow your business.

What To Look For In A Call Center Software Provider

In short, the best call center software solutions will provide you with robust top call center software, but also workforce optimization, advanced business phone and collaboration services and unified communications. It should also integrate with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management). These features enhance the customer experience.

Best Call Center Software Solutions

Connecting customers, agents, and supervisors, the top call center software will allow for a seamless workflow that allows calls to be directed easily to the right agent with the right skills. It will enable anyone in the organization, regardless of where they are, to connect instantly to customer information and redirect if necessary without making the customer repeat their info.

Your agents need to provide the fastest and most efficient services to customers on whatever channel they chose to communicate. Your agent console should be able to consolidate interactions and histories in one dashboard across channels. It should provide quick access to FAQs and knowledge bases to speed resolutions.

Workforce Optimization

Workforce optimization will allow you to increase productivity at the same time you are improving the customer experience. By monitoring interactions and activity in real time, it allows supervisors to address gaps in skills and measure improvement. Workforce optimization allows you to build customizable scorecards to define KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and measure outcomes against these goals. 

It can also identify roadblocks in customer interactions where information, process, or training can be improved. Workforce optimization provides the management tools to increase contact center efficiency, reduce customer interaction time while increasing first call resolution, and enhancing the customer’s satisfaction.

It can also help save money by optimizing agent schedules based on actual call volume history and may integrate directly with your payroll system.

Business Phone And Collaboration Services

Regardless of where your staff is located or how your customers interact with you, you need advanced phone features including extension dialingauto attendantring groupscall recording and Internet faxing. It should connect your entire team – anywhere in the world – with a single communication system that incorporates web conferencing, chat, and video calls.

A cloud-based communication system will integrate with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to route calls in the cloud, rather than in traditional phone systems. This dramatically cuts down on monthly phone bills by eliminating long-distance and overseas phone charges. It also allows you to scale up or down depending on your needs while avoiding paying for over-capacity. In addition, adding additional phone lines and connections takes a few hours compared to days, or even weeks, for traditional phone systems.

Unified Communications

With unified communications, you can empower everyone in your business with the same powerful communication tools. That means office-based employees, remote, mobile and home-based workers will have access to the same information for every customer interaction.

CRM Integration

Your cloud-based call center should integrate with your CRM system. It should integrate with on-demand CRM services including Salesforce.comNetSuite, hosted Microsoft Dynamics, and Zendesk. You should be able to customize your integration to seamlessly fold into your call center solution.

Selecting The Best Call Center Software Solution

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