Advanced Call Center Technologies

Advanced call center technologies allow businesses to access new features and enhanced phone functionality. UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) provides workers with a single platform full of rich features that make it easier to communicate, and power contact centers with everything they need. 

Examples of advanced call center technology features include:

  • Call center analytics: Enable organizations to track their call center performance. 
  • Click2Call: From inside your helpdesk, your website, or from your CRM, make phone calls with a single click. Customers can quickly connect with your call center via phone or you can call customers in the CRM itself. 
  • Call recording: Record your calls and have the recordings to review for training or management purposes. 
  • Any area code or international numbers: Get your own number in any area code, international code, or have a toll-free number. Easily get numbers with other codes, even if you're not physically located there. 
  • Tagging: Tag contacts and customers in your CRM (customer relationship management) software or tag call notes for easy reference by other agents. 
  • Skills-based routing: Have incoming calls routed automatically to the right agents based on their skills. Ensure that highly-skilled agents get the more difficult calls. Allow agents to specialize in specific areas and content. 
  • Automatic call distributor (ACD): ACDs allow call centers to send the right incoming calls to the right departments and agents. 
  • Ring groups: Have a group of phones ring simultaneously to ensure someone on the team answers the phone. Separate ring groups enable your organization to have specific agents have their phones ring. 
  • Interactive voice response system (IVR): With an IVR, your call center receives incoming calls and automatically interprets callers' requests to send calls to the right departments and agents. 
  • Cloud PBX (private branch exchange): Have a hosted, cloud-based PBX to keep the functions of a PBX call management system without needing an onsite PBX box. 

This list is just a sample. There are many more advanced call center technologies your company can put to work. Ask your UCaaS vendor for recommendations on what phone service technologies would benefit your company the most. 

How Do Advanced Call Center Technologies Help Your Organization?

Your organization can put together an advanced call center with the right technology. Stay connected with customers, handle your corporate communications, and become more productive with UCaaS software. With call center analytics, put your vendor's knowledge of data science to work helping your organization track key performance indicators (KPIs) so you have the information you need for more informed business decisions. 

Businesses stand to benefit:

  • Communicate anywhere: Your UCaaS features go with you at the office, on the road, at home, or anywhere. 
  • Track KPIs: Create reports, track metrics, and follow changes as they happen so you can respond appropriately. 
  • 24/7 access and use: Use your communications system anytime, even outside of business hours. 
  • Generate savings: Save significantly on features your business uses everyday like video conferencing, long-distance calls, and more. 
  • Security: Using one vendor and a single platform for all of your communications channels can help your organization keep your call center more secure. 
  • Equipment savings: Leave more of the equipment purchases and maintenance to your vendor, generating savings and simplifying operations. Bring your own device (BYOD) plans allow you to gain access to a great UCaaS without necessarily having to buy additional equipment or change devices just because you change your vendor. 

Call center technologies offer other benefits, too. Today's UCaaS systems can help you accomplish so much more than you might expect from your call center. 

What Are Some Elements of Advanced Call Center Software?

Call center software has a variety of different features. Some elements of call center software include CRM, contact center channels, call center analytics software, and integrations that work with your call center system. Of course, the elements of your call center software depend on the vendor you choose to contract with, the plan you use, the functions your organization needs, and other factors. 

Advanced call center technologies can allow your organization to track KPIs, save money on equipment and service, become more productive, communicate from anywhere, and put together teams of agents to handle a variety of different corporate communications needs. As your needs change, you may decide to upgrade or scale your service to include new features and functionality. UCaaS software makes it easy to scale and adapt your call center to meet the demands of different industries and goals. 

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