How Call Center Software Keeps 24x7 Call Centers Up and Running

Call center software helps 24 7 in touch contact centers access the features and functionality they need to stay operational even when something doesn't go as planned. Through redundancy, cloud hosting and live staffing alongside AI, modern cloud-based call centers use technology and smart design to run 24/7. Many 24-hour call centers do this throughout the year, even on holidays and weekends, and in the event of a natural disaster or equipment and software failure. 

How do 24-hour call centers operate?

There are a variety of ways 24-hour call centers can operate. Various strategies enable these call centers to stay open even in adverse conditions. CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service)  supports continuous functionality by providing agents with everything they need to access quickly—the right information in front of them when they're on a call, access to CRM systems with customer information and other relevant support. 

Here are a few support features that help 24-hour call centers operate: 

  • Redundancy: Having redundant service up and running can help. If a system goes down or experiences problems, it's helpful to have extra capacity that can quickly pick up the slack. Additional servers, extra phones, other teams of agents and other networks can all be rapidly put to action if necessary. 
  • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking: Links call centers to the public phone system and enables VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls. Trunks are Internet connection-based links between the call center and the end recipient/caller. Thanks to VoIP and SIP trunking features, 24-hour call centers can efficiently communicate with other VoIP phone subscribers as well as with cell phones and landline phones. 
  • Multiple offices and time zones: One key strategy enabling call centers to take more calls 24/7 is having agents spread across different time zones. Whenever business hours or shifts end in one part of the country or area of the world, another call center is online to keep everything moving. This is also great for natural disasters and other adverse occurrences where one call center is unable to stay open. Calls can be forwarded over to the other call centers as if they were all working under the same roof. 
  • Information and data: Agents have access to the information they need to support every call with just the right amount of assistance. CRM (customer relationship management) systems provide detailed information about customers that agents can refer back to during conversations with the customer. Data analytics provide the call center with information about how well the team is performing. 
  • Technical support: With efficient technical support and management, systems can stay running even when extensive demands are placed on the network. In the event something goes wrong, the CCaaS vendor can ensure problems are resolved quickly and get back online rapidly so there is minimal interruption to the services the cloud-based call center relies on. 

How does call center software help cloud-based call centers? 

Call center software gives cloud-based call centers everything they need to run. The right information and features are available, plus most or all CCaaS systems place everything together within a single platform so all software and data is a lot simpler to access. Having integrations be compatible with your platform, helps, too. 

These features are typically together within one platform: 

  • Calls: Local, long distance, to landline, VoIP and cell phone. 
  • Conferencing features: Video and phone conferencing for small and large groups. 
  • SMS Text: Texting capabilities making it easier to communicate with team members and the public via text. 
  • Chat: Online chat through the platform to communicate with website visitors, via social media, etc. 
  • CRM: A convenient CRM to refer back to for customer information that is useful during calls. 

Connecting Your Call Center 24/7

CCaaS helps call centers stay connected. By keeping everything in the right platform together with the software tools your call center needs to stay competitive, CCaaS helps your call center become more effective. Supporting features and services keep your call center connected constantly, redundancy keeps your calls answered if the worst happens, and information and data keep your organization informed. 

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