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Tolly Group Report: Why Superior Voice Quality Matters

Have you ever been on a call when suddenly there is a drop in voice quality and you can’t understand what the other person is saying? Have you experienced unintended interruption when multiple people are talking at the same time on a conference call and they need to repeat themselves? Dropped calls, echo, delay and […]

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Growing with SMBs

The small and medium business (SMB) market is an important customer segment for 8x8, and a significant portion of our business today. According to the US Small Business Administration, the small business sector in America has a large impact on the overall U.S. economy and represents more than 28 million businesses, accounting for 54% of […]

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Why Conduit Service Won’t Keep Your Business Communications HIPAA Compliant

What is “HIPAA conduit service?” And will it protect the HIPAA compliance of my company’s business phone service, faxes or unified communications? I’ve been getting this question a lot lately, since apparently some of 8x8’s business VoIP competitors recently started offering something they call “conduit service.” For the protection of all the businesses looking for a […]

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Infonetics: 8x8 #1 in a Changing Business VoIP Competitive Landscape

In a win that could be the first of many upsets in the unified communications arena, 8x8 moved into a “decisive” first place finish in this year’s annual Infonetics Research North American Business VoIP Service Scorecard, released last week. 8x8 Ranks #1 After Making Infonetics’ Top 5 for More than 5 Years 8x8 achieved its #1 rating—over West […]

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Hosted VoIP Handles the New Normal: Doing Business in Abnormal Weather

While politicians argue about what to do about climate change, companies around the world are now learning to cope with predictably unpredictable weather. In the face of record-breaking hurricanes like Sandy and other chart-busting weather anomalies, many businesspeople have decided to plan in advance for whatever comes their way and “just deal with it.” These […]

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