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Mobile Unified Communications: Pet Moving Co. Explains Why 8x8 is #1

When Ellen DeGeneres isn’t being funny, she’s smart. The comedienne-turned-talk-show-host once said, “Sometimes you can’t see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others.” So I was a little surprised recently when I read Infonetics’ latest Scorecard report that ranked 8x8 #1 in hosted VoIP and unified communications. #1 Unified Communications Rank […]

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Leaving Weak Business Phone Service for Real Unified Communications

Most organizations hate changing their infrastructure, especially their business phone service. Many IT and business managers would rather gnaw off their own arm than mess with something already in place. They rarely envision how easy the cloud has made switching hosted business phone service providers. That’s why we’re always intrigued with the stories our customers […]

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Hosted PBX Helps McLarens Achieve Dueling Objectives

Do you ever feel torn between seemingly competing goals? That’s a common problem for people who manage growing companies. You want to simplify, but exploit advanced technology. Standardize and streamline, but give people choices and flexibility. Grow, but save money. It’s rare that you find solutions that let you achieve all of these aims at […]

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