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Be Your Organization’s Security & Compliance Goalie

I recently wrote about how to get your company to commit to improving its security and compliance by starting at the top and getting top brass buy-in. But once you’ve got agreement that your organization wants everyone to participate in improving data security and compliance, how do you translate that to reasonable goals that every department can […]

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Infonetics on the #1 Communications Feature Businesses Want

What’s the #1 feature that businesses want in their cloud communications systems—which include phones, videoconferencing and contact center solutions? What’s most important is not more bells and whistles, not the lowest price, but something you might not think of specifically asking for. It’s security, says Infonetics Principal Analyst Diane Myers. “Last year and this year, […]

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Apple Deal Underscores Safe Harbor’s Importance in Business Communications

The news that Apple is going to spend nearly $2 billion on new European data centers—and the open secret that it’s doing that to assuage Europeans that their data won’t leave Europe—recently put Safe Harbor laws for privacy back in the news. $2 billion! That’s Real Money Even for Apple As Everett Dirksen used to […]

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Is Your Business Phone Service Provider Ignoring the Elephant Herd in the Room?

A herd of elephants is wandering around boardrooms across America. They go by the names “Regulatory Compliance” “Security,” and “Reliability,” and you ignore them at your own peril. And because they’re difficult to deal with, lots of business phone service providers and unified communications vendors don’t want to talk about them. Neither do most hosted call center […]

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8x8 Receives Enterprise-Ready Rating from the Skyhigh CloudTrust Program

Selecting the right cloud services for your business is critical, especially with the breadth of services available today. So having an objective evaluation of a service’s security controls and enterprise-readiness is an essential tool in streamlining the evaluation process and lowering risk. Fortunately, this work has already been done when it comes to 8x8.  We’ve […]

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