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Is Your PBX System Keeping You Awake at Night?

Many companies with on-premises communications solutions struggle with expensive capital expenditures, support issues and other IT challenges, including managing multiple, fragmented solutions from different vendors, which hampers employee productivity and customer engagement efforts. Is your business experiencing similar pains? In the past 12 months, some companies have tried to acquire a cloud strategy, and move […]

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Hosted PBX Helps McLarens Achieve Dueling Objectives

Do you ever feel torn between seemingly competing goals? That’s a common problem for people who manage growing companies. You want to simplify, but exploit advanced technology. Standardize and streamline, but give people choices and flexibility. Grow, but save money. It’s rare that you find solutions that let you achieve all of these aims at […]

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Replicon’s Genius: Going Global Fast With Hosted PBXs and Call Center Software

Sometimes, executive genius is about finding ways to achieve what seem like contradicting objectives. That’s why I admire Replicon’s global IT director, Neal Alberda, who was quick to see that a hosted PBX and a well-thought-out unified communications strategy could help his company go global while still “staying local” everywhere it goes. That’s not an […]

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Tell Us How You Ditched Your Old Telco and You Could Win an iPad

Summer is a great time for cleaning stuff out and simplifying wherever possible. We figure that our own customers are the best experts on cleaning out old PBX closets and saying goodbye to complicated, fussy antique phone systems. So we thought we’d invite our customers to have some fun with a little contest we cooked […]

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Use Hosted PBX Technology From 8x8 to Look Bigger

In today’s hyper competitive environment, it’s important to use every resource at your disposal to give yourself an edge over the competition. The Auto Attendant that comes included with the 8x8 Virtual Office hosted PBX is one tool that you can start using right away to grow your business! Even if you don’t immediately recognize […]

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