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Office Manager: How to Use Business VoIP to Save Money and Boost Visits

I’m the office manager for a dental office, and I just have to tell you a secret that we’ve learned in our dental practice: If you have the Internet in your office, you can get a lot more for your money by ditching your local phone service for a VoIP (voice over IP) service like 8x8. […]

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Is Your Company on the Feds’ List of 1,200 HIPAA Violators?

I don’t like sounding like an alarmist. But now is the time to get your HIPAA house in order and review everything you do, from your unified communications to your training, policies and procedures. The federal government is stepping up enforcement of HIPAA medical privacy rules, and things could get ugly for violators. There are […]

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Why Your VoIP Provider Really DOES Need to Support Your HIPAA Compliance

We recently published a blog that explained the issues with the new HIPAA “conduit service” that some VoIP providers are offering without the necessary Business Associate Agreement. Since then, we’ve gotten even more questions about business communication providers’ HIPAA obligations to their customers. Full disclosure: 8x8 is a fully HIPAA-compliant unified communications (UC) VoIP provider that […]

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The Road to HIPAA-compliant Business VoIP and Unified Communications

For most people, starting a road trip comes with an emotional mix of excitement and anxiety. Excitement about escaping the daily routine, and the thought of all the great new experiences ahead. Anxiety about all the possibilities of what might go wrong, in unfamiliar places. The Right Business VoIP Provider Makes the Road to HIPAA […]

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HIPAA Help for 8x8 Business Phone Service Customers

Could your business be sued or fined for using a business phone service, fax system or call center software that doesn’t meet new HIPAA security and privacy regulations? That’s a good question, because even businesses that never had HIPAA issues before are finding themselves subject to new rules. Worse yet, many of those who are […]

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