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Disaster Reliability—What Old PBXs and Phone Systems Can’t Give You

Tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic. Wildfires setting destruction records in the Western US. Tsunamis in the Pacific. Responding to these disasters—and trying to do business in the aftermath—usually overwhelms local phone service and on-premises PBXs, just when everyone needs reliable communications the most. That’s when CIOs say that cloud communications really shine—often making […]

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After Disaster: How to Say ‘Never Again’ to Downed Communications

Digging out after a major disaster like a storm or a flood is never easy. But these days, many businesses have already survived more than one “historic weather event”—and they’re getting serious about dealing with that risk in their business plans. Here’s the story about how one international firm decided to disaster-proof—and followed through, getting […]

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Ask the Pros How to Cope When Bad Weather Strikes

When disaster strikes and outages happen, how do the pros keep businesses going? Just ask the people whose job it is to MAKE it happen, no matter WHAT happens. They’ll all tell you that it’s critical to have reliable communications that can be rerouted or adjusted—without the need for someone to risk a trip into […]

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Sometimes, Lightning DOES Strike Twice

Whoever says lightning never strikes twice, never had an old-style PBX or phone system. Last summer, we were surprised to realize that many of our new customers told tales of making do with ancient technology until it was literally taken out by lightning or other disasters. We had initially thought that it was a fluke, but […]

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When the Weather Gets Tough, the Tough Turn to Business VoIP

How much patience would you have if you couldn’t reach your insurance agent for more than 45 days? That’s the nightmare scenario for lots of insurance agents, whose first business priority after a natural disaster is to handle the claims of affected locals.  And while digging out and recovering from a natural disaster can be […]

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