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After Disaster: How to Say ‘Never Again’ to Downed Communications

Digging out after a major disaster like a storm or a flood is never easy. But these days, many businesses have already survived more than one “historic weather event”—and they’re getting serious about dealing with that risk in their business plans. Here’s the story about how one international firm decided to disaster-proof—and followed through, getting […]

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Power Outage? VoIP Helps Keep Your Business Communicating

Ask anybody who does business where the weather gets rough, and they’ll tell you that communications are the key to being the business that stays open even when disaster strikes and the power goes out.  And business communications using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications—are proving to be especially helpful in keeping businesses running during […]

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Stemming Plagues Might Test Communications Providers’ Speed and Compliance

If HIPAA were a teenager, the eighteen-year-old would be allowed to vote and sign contracts. That’s why it’s tough to understand why so many businesses and government agencies are still failing to implement HIPAA-compliant unified communications—and why many don’t even know they SHOULD comply, even after the generation-long phase-in and revisions. Perhaps most astonishing of […]

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Who’s Your Company’s Best Friend? 5 Ways 8x8 Gives Fluffy a Run for the Money

Move over Scruffy! You’ve got competition. Dogs may be man’s best friends, but 8x8 business phone service could be your company’s best friend. Here are five good reasons why. 1. You can trust 8x8 to look out for your company’s best interests. Our customer service representatives keep customers’ best interest in mind as they work […]

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Cuomo Says Weird Weather Is the ‘New Normal’—Is Your Biz Ready?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently spoke of serious tornado damage in his state and told crowds that people need to make plans for weather that they previously considered unthinkable. “We don’t get tornadoes in Upstate New York,” Cuomo said, according to “This new normal is a challenge for governments, first responders and citizens in the […]

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