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8x8 at SoftBank World in Tokyo

8x8 has invented some pretty innovative and game-changing technologies. Some of these have caught the attention of SoftBank, one of Japan’s leading telecommunications providers and now a real player in the US market with their recent acquisition of Sprint. This week, 8x8 was at SoftBank World in Tokyo, demonstrating a customized virtual desktop interface (VDI) […]

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8x8 Opens Windows to the Cloud and Gives SMBs Access to the Latest Technology at a Fraction of the Cost

Today’s tough economic climate has forced many small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) to cut costs without limiting their competitiveness or prospects for growth. One way businesses of all sizes are accomplishing this is by moving away from on-premises computing solutions and utilizing cloud networks to cut costs on infrastructure, minimize utilization of internal IT […]

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8x8 Makes Its Debut at VMworld

This week, 8x8 made its first appearance at VMworld, a global conference where IT professionals and business decision-makers gather to learn how to leverage virtualization and the cloud to deliver transformative business results. 8x8 participated as an exhibitor, presenting its cloud computing and communications solutions including cloud servers, managed servers and managed DNS service. 8x8 also offers hosted Vblock […]

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A Conversation about Cloud Services

A conversation about cloud services with Andy Schwabecher, 8x8’s General Manager of Hosting Services, and Ken Pyle from ViodiTV. Watch the video.      

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Cloud Computing Demystified

“Cloud Computing,” sometimes used interchangeably with “Software as a Service,” is the industry buzz word du jour. But what does it really mean? At its most basic level, the term refers to data or software that is accessed via a computer network and doesn’t reside on a local computer. It is software or data accessed […]

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