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The New Face of Contact Center Is Intelligent, Easy and Instant

Businesses of all sizes have employees, teams and departments that engage with both internal and external customers on a regular basis. Day in and day out, a lot of time is spent answering general inquiries, handling customer support or employee help desk issues, managing sales activities, responding to HR questions, making collection calls and even […]

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5 Tips to Instill Excellence in Contact Center Culture

It’s easy to find articles, seminars and even news clips with executives or consultants talking about creating a culture of customer service excellence. Almost everyone—from CEOs to call center managers—“gets” that making customers feel valued and well served is critical to the success of any competitive business. How Do You Pull it Off? But often, […]

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New Call Center Software Helps Create a Caring Culture AND Gets Results

These are the times that try call center managers’ souls—or at least their scheduling capabilities. The days are fast approaching when weddings, honeymoons, graduations and vacations will make it tough for the managers of the people who solve customer problems and make the sales that sustain their companies. New call center software, integrated with some […]

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Don’t Drive Them Away! Call Center Software Makes for Easy Customer Journeys

Could your call center software be driving away business? If you’re like a lot of businesses, it might be time to walk a mile in your customers’ shoes. Surprisingly few businesses collect enough information to understand their own customer-service mazes, let alone make them better, according to data compiled by the International Call Center Management Institute […]

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Contact Center Software Mashup Helps Coach the Rest of Us

Coaching top executives is all the rage these days, and is increasingly endorsed—and paid for—by companies hoping to get the most out of their top brass. For example, Bob Nardelli, former CEO of Home Depot and himself the beneficiary of extensive coaching from his own mentors, has stated that he absolutely believes that “people, unless […]

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