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Why an Open Communications Cloud Strategy is Critical for Interoperability

Let’s face it, every organization has myriad tools for communications, collaboration and productivity that do not interoperate with each other. Some are procured by a particular line of business to support critical and specific workflows. Often times, these tools are not sanctioned by IT which poses governance and security concerns. With the rise of team […]

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Office 365 + Skype4B: Ready to Sit at the Adult Table?

By now, analysts and industry pundits have weighed in and had time to review Microsoft’s latest (albeit limited) deets on adding enterprise voice to Office 365 with Skype for Business (formerly Lync). It’s big industry validation, but is it really a big leap? Let’s take a moment to put things in perspective. There’s no doubt […]

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Use the Cloud to Ride Out the Storm and Get a Rainbow of New Possibilities

It’s rare in the IT world that things turn out much better than you’d hoped—usually Murphy’s Laws govern the world of the CIO—and everyone else who has to keep technology running smoothly. That’s why we were so struck by Greg Meyer’s comments a few weeks ago at Orlando’s Enterprise Connect conference and show.  Greg is […]

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McDonald’s Franchise Expands—With ‘Invisible’ 8x8 Phone Service

It would be hard to find an environment that’s tougher on phone systems than a restaurant like McDonald’s. In the kitchen area, lots of busy, hurried people are focused like a laser beam on providing fast, efficient service—not on the care and feeding of their phone systems. And when even a few seconds per order counts, […]

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Ask the Pros How to Cope When Bad Weather Strikes

When disaster strikes and outages happen, how do the pros keep businesses going? Just ask the people whose job it is to MAKE it happen, no matter WHAT happens. They’ll all tell you that it’s critical to have reliable communications that can be rerouted or adjusted—without the need for someone to risk a trip into […]

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