In recent years, cloud PBX has become one of the top choices for business-grade telephone hosting. Private Branch Exchange, or PBX, systems offer you the ability to build a comprehensive system that includes a variety of features that are vital to common business operations. Because cloud PBX doesn't require extra equipment and is quite cost-effective, it's particularly appealing to a lot of small business owners. While there are plenty of Cloud PBX providers out there, only the best ones offer reliable connections that come with all the features a small business owner needs most.

How Does Cloud-Based PBX Work?

Cloud-based PBX offers a business-grade telephone system similar to VoIP but without the need for hardware installation. Just as with traditional VoIP telephone systems, all calling features are accessed via the internet. However, instead of hosting the system within your own network, software, and data related to your PBX system are stored in the cloud.

The Most Important Features to Look For From Cloud PBX Providers

Cloud-based PBX providers usually offer a broad range of features with their services. When it comes to small business though, some of these features can prove more useful than others. Below, we discuss the top four features that are most appealing to small business providers when transferring to a cloud-based PBX system.

1. Call recordings

Call recordings allow you to begin recording conversations with the click of a button. Small business owners find this useful for training purposes, as well as for archiving important conversations with clients, vendors, or employees. The best cloud PBX providers offer call recording that's easy to manage and includes features such as recording downloads, on-demand call recording, and extension-level recording services.

2. Visual voicemail

When you're on the go, you don't always have time to listen to voicemails, but with visual voicemail, you can easily access transcribed messages via email. In addition to transcriptions, visual voicemail comes with features such as do not disturb call settings, which can send callers directly to your voicemail, as well as the ability to return a call directly from your voicemail folder.

3. Multi-level auto attendant

The multi-level auto attendant is the best way to shorten wait times for callers and ensure that their call gets directed to the correct parties as quickly as possible. This feature lets you automate the customer's initial experience with self-serve options, call redirection, and customizable hold music and brand education recordings.

4. Unlimited calling, SMS, and faxing

Unlimited calling, SMS, and faxing means no more long-distance charges. It includes free unlimited international calling and free extension-to-extension calling no matter where your employees work from. Additionally, this feature allows you to send unlimited text messages and faxes from your mobile device or desktop computer and store your message history in the cloud.

If you're ready to transform your business telephone network, 8x8 offers cloud PBX that comes with all the features listed above, as well as convenient call handling features such as caller ID, call blocking, hold music, and call monitoring. To learn more about how 8x8's cloud PBX can help your small business, get in touch and request a quote today.