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4 Ways to Evaluate Your Contact Center Training Program

Most companies have implemented some sort of training or coaching program within their corporate structure and contact center. However, simply training your contact center personnel is not enough. In this final part of my three-part series about improving quality management in the contact center, here is a framework that can help improve your contact center […]

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3 Tips for Building an Effective Quality Management Program

When problems or inefficiencies exist within a company, employees are often faced with a choice between reporting the problem or turning a blind eye, and allowing the problem to continue. This internal tug of war between contributing to the greater good of the company or ensuring job security can hurt businesses in the long-run as critical […]

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Who You Gonna Call? 8x8 Academy!

Have you ever grumbled about adapting to a new software update that changed the way you worked? You’re not alone. Weathering change is a challenge–no matter how much a new design might make life better in the long run. Adopting a new 8x8 unified communications system is no exception. You can talk about benefits until […]

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