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Empowering Exceptional Recruiting Experiences

I recently contributed a blog post for our partner Bullhorn, the global leader in CRM and operations software for the staffing and recruitment industry. The main theme was that the recruiting and staffing process is in desperate need of an overhaul due to inefficiencies and legacy technology, which are contributing to even lengthier hiring cycles. […]

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8x8’s Focus on Quality Is Key to Customer Growth

Quality is based on customer perception, which makes me think about my experiences using Lyft versus Uber. Lyft provides me with everything I need when looking for a ridesharing service: an easy to use app, credit card data security, the feeling of being safe with the drivers who passed through a strict background check, great […]

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8x8 Accelerates Innovation with Its 150th Awarded Patent

At the start of every new year, people make resolutions, such as “lose weight”, “get healthier” or “be more productive,” but then have difficulty sticking to them after the initial enthusiasm wears off. The secret I found to turning personal and business resolutions into reality is having clarity of purpose, a plan and the persistence […]

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Business Metrics Transparency for Better Customer Experience

Business Metrics Transparency for Better Customer Experience This is the second in a three-part series on developing an effective customer experience strategy. Once an organization has improved the contact center knowledge and capabilities of its agents to improve customer experience, the next step is to work on Transparency of Business and Technical Metrics. As processes […]

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8x8 Support: A Differentiated, World-Class Customer Experience

Customers are clear. They demand instant access to customer support, and fast time-to-resolution for their issues no matter the time of day or location. Business communications are mission critical for delivering a competitive, differentiated customer experience, and so companies require instant access to customer support, and fast time-to-resolution when communications issues arise no matter the […]

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Make Online Meetings Easier with 8x8

Let’s run through an all-too-familiar scenario. Your boss forwards you an invite to join an online meeting with a major sales prospect that begins at 10 am sharp. You want to create a good impression so you click on the meeting link provided and try to join a few minutes early. This initiates a software […]

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