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CX-Ray Vision: The Experiences You Need In Your Business

Today’s consumers are notoriously fickle. What’s the way to win their repeat business? In an acronym: CX. It’s all about the quality of your customer experience. Simply provide the fastest, easiest, most personalized, convenient, relevant, value-driven, mistake-free interactions. Slam-dunk, right? Sure, if you manage a team of superheroes. And now you can. Give your sales, […]

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Top 3 Ways to Optimize Your Customer Service Strategy

This blog post is part of a series focusing on improving the customer experiences.  A software application will only get you so far when building an effective customer engagement management strategy. Sounds a little weird coming from a cloud communications company, doesn’t it? After all, our bread and butter at 8x8 is designing, building, selling […]

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AI & Digital Transformation: An Interview with Bryan Martin, Chairman & CTO 8x8

According to Gartner’s 2018 CIO Agenda Survey, nearly half of CIOs plan to deploy artificial intelligence to improve customer experience. I sat down with Bryan Martin, Chairman and CTO of 8x8, and asked him about the recent 8x8 AI announcement, and his thoughts on the future of enterprise communications. Can you tell the 8x8 community […]

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Bridging the Communications Chasm between Employees and Customers

The dilemma of choice is a well-known concept in the psychology of consumer purchasing–namely, the more options you have, the more difficult it is to not only make, but also be satisfied with a decision. Businesses, however, hadn’t felt the same pain in their decision-making. The explosion of applications over the years—in everything from CRM […]

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Top Trends at Enterprise Connect 2018

Recently at Enterprise Connect in Orlando, leading communications, collaboration and contact center vendors showcased their most recent and innovative solutions for IT decision makers, application developers, resellers and industry influencers. I remember years ago, the major themes at the conference were the big vendors pushing siloed on-premises systems, such as telephony, video conferencing, contact center […]

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Your Communications System is Determining Your Future

Vik Verma presenting at Enterprise Connect 2018 This article was originally published on Linkedin on March 12. Chat, email, phone, slack, text, tweet. The communications preferences of individuals are as diverse as the tools themselves. And while I run a business dedicated to helping organizations and people communicate more efficiently, I am also a user. Which means […]

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