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Business IP Phones Can Help Small Businesses

8x8 launches Polycom VVX x50 Series Business IP Phones for small businesses.

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Personalize the Conversation: Integrate 8x8 Virtual Office with G Suite

Integrate 8x8 Virtual Office and G Suite to provide your team with a single system of engagement.

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How Small Businesses Can Avoid the Cash Flow Curse

Reduce capital expenses and rent the latest Internet Protocol (IP) phones with the month-to-month 8x8 Flex Hardware Rental Program.

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Going Global with Cloud Communications

The term “globalization” used to be relevant to only the world’s largest businesses. Even 8-10 years ago, most American small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) were not thinking about competing in markets outside the U.S. But it’s a new economy and the rise of ubiquitous Internet access has dramatically changed the business landscape. Today, even SMBs […]

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Flip Calls from Desk Phone to Smartphone to Softphone with 8x8

Have you ever been on a phone call where someone says “Let me call you back from my other device?” or taken a conference call from the car only to wish there was an easy way to switch from your smartphone to a different device once arriving in the office? What if there was a […]

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Healthcare Manufacturer Steps Up to Cloud Communications

What happens when a healthcare manufacturer in business for 65 years realizes its aging on-premises phone system cannot handle the modern communications and collaboration required to do business at the speed of customer expectations? And what if the said legacy PBX system was also too costly to manage and operate after adding in the cost […]

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