Businesses Catch the VoIP Unified Communications Wave All Over the World

In an article on his top five small-cap tech stock picks, Forbes writer Jim Oberweis recently wrote that 8x8 business VoIP is “disrupting the telecom market for small businesses with VoIP International Growthcloud-based solutions for hosted PBX telephony, unified communications and videoconferencing.”

It’s Not Just About Us—It’s About Business, VoIP and You

While we’re happy for the recognition—we are happily disrupting the telecom market for small and medium businesses—that seems a little bit like saying that the world’s top surfers are disrupting the waves. Our cloud-based VoIP solutions are so successful in taking business away from ancient, existing Grandma Bells of yesterday precisely because the world of business communications is already disrupted—by the changing ways people are doing business.

Today’s businesses and entrepreneurs are moving faster and communicating over a much wider range than ever before. The antiquated tools of yesterday, when “small” was practically synonymous with “local,” just can’t help those dinosaurs ride the monster waves of innovation bearing down on the business world.

Changing the Meaning of International Business

Think about it.  International business used to be largely a term to describe something that only the largest companies engaged in. Today, even many small and medium-sized firms do business internationally in some sense. They have international customers, shippers or suppliers—or maybe they sometimes have to travel to other countries for various reasons.

And with the rise of international shipping and Web commerce, even micro-businesses located in remote areas often have to communicate and collaborate across the country or even internationally to be successful.

Main Street Goes International

That’s one reason why 8x8 has long provided robust, low-cost unified communications around the world, and why we’re now expanding the reach of our unique technology to businesses in Canada, Asia and the Europe. But we’re just warming up

True, we’re creating big, disruptive waves of our own.

But we’re also riding the inescapable tsunami created by millions of entrepreneurs and enterprises who need and demand new tools to unify offices and people no matter where or how they work.  And this is just the beginning—the VoIP tide is only now just starting to come in.

Debbie Jo Severin


Debbie Jo is the Vice President of Marketing at 8x8 and is responsible for 8x8’s marketing strategies and operations driving awareness and adoption of the company’s communication services. Debbie Jo thoroughly enjoys bringing the 8x8 brand alive in a way that brings real customers, real value. [...] Read More >

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