As the shift to remote working moves from something that we initially thought was temporary to something a lot more permanent, companies around the world are fundamentally re-imagining the future of work.

Some businesses are already taking proactive measures to reduce their real estate footprint in anticipation of a more permanent shift to a mobile workforce. And many businesses who had made hasty technology decisions to accommodate the sudden shift to remote work earlier this year are now taking a step back to reconsider their options to accommodate this shift.

Businesses are seeking to consolidate their communications technologies to simplify administration and management, provide a simplified and more productive user experience to their users, allow for flexibility and instant expansion of capabilities when they become available and benefit from one comprehensive SLA from a single vendor with global reach. Many communications technology vendors are recognizing this and have been actively looking to acquire and integrate technologies such as video conferencing. But that takes time, especially considering the re-platforming effort involved. And that’s time businesses don’t have.

8x8 recognized early on that there was already a strong trend towards working from anywhere, with workers becoming increasingly mobile with portable computing and iOT devices. This was well before the pandemic hit. It also recognized that a single cloud platform that enables both packaged communications applications and a set of APIs that allows other applications to take advantages of all of its communications capabilities was key to enabling work from anywhere, whether it be in a physical or remote office ... or anywhere else for that matter.

8x8 proactively began an effort to consolidate its advanced communications technologies onto a single platform several years ago by acquiring and incorporating technologies that would enhance this platform’s overall capabilities as well as its programmability. It started from a solid foundation with the X Series communications platform and began integrating its existing core UCaaS and CCaaS capabilities. From there, it quickly expanded the platform’s capabilities and services.

In 2017, 8x8 acquired Sameroom to add chat and messaging capabilities to the X Series platform. In 2018, 8x8 added video communications to its platform by acquiring Jitsi’s open source technology from Atlassian. It followed up in 2019 with the acquisition of Wavecell to extend the platform by adding programmability and delivering its first Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solution.

While other technology companies look to catch up by making hasty acquisitions of video conferencing and CPaaS solutions that will take them years to integrate, 8x8’s foresight and its key strategic investments early on have enabled its customers to quickly and effortlessly respond to the accelerated transition to remote working globally. And it’s available now. With the help of the 8x8 Work app, employees can take and receive calls on any device, engage in one on one chats and in chat rooms with colleagues, message with customers and engage in video conferencing sessions all from anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Businesses looking for the flexibility of quickly transitioning their workforce to remote working can’t wait for their vendors to catch up. But the good news is that they don’t have to.