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Business IP Phones Can Help Small Businesses

8x8 launches Polycom VVX x50 Series Business IP Phones for small businesses.

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Personalize the Conversation: Integrate 8x8 Virtual Office with G Suite

Integrate 8x8 Virtual Office and G Suite to provide your team with a single system of engagement.

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How Small Businesses Can Avoid the Cash Flow Curse

Reduce capital expenses and rent the latest Internet Protocol (IP) phones with the month-to-month 8x8 Flex Hardware Rental Program.

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Retailers Unify Their Experience with Unified Communications

Align your retail personalization strategy with unified communication tools.

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4 Cloud Migration Pitfalls (and How to Avoid Them)

In my almost 18 years at 8x8, we’ve helped thousands of companies move to the cloud, from fast-growing small businesses wanting to improve customer experience to Fortune 1000 multinational corporations looking to transform enterprise communications and collaboration across multiple offices and countries. Every organization has its own set of unique challenges and requirements, so I […]

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