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Top Trends at Enterprise Connect 2018

Recently at Enterprise Connect in Orlando, leading communications, collaboration and contact center vendors showcased their most recent and innovative solutions for IT decision makers, application developers, resellers and industry influencers. I remember years ago, the major themes at the conference were the big vendors pushing siloed on-premises systems, such as telephony, video conferencing, contact center […]

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Your Communications System is Determining Your Future

Vik Verma presenting at Enterprise Connect 2018 This article was originally published on Linkedin on March 12. Chat, email, phone, slack, text, tweet. The communications preferences of individuals are as diverse as the tools themselves. And while I run a business dedicated to helping organizations and people communicate more efficiently, I am also a user. Which means […]

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The March to True Globalization

Globalization is hard, much harder than people think.  Doing it well is even harder.  A lot of companies use the word “global” freely or put it on their website without really understanding what it takes to be a truly global company. Many companies stumble when it comes to globalization, and news stories point out “epic […]

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Going Global with Cloud Communications

The term “globalization” used to be relevant to only the world’s largest businesses. Even 8-10 years ago, most American small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) were not thinking about competing in markets outside the U.S. But it’s a new economy and the rise of ubiquitous Internet access has dramatically changed the business landscape. Today, even SMBs […]

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