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Become a Superhero with 8x8 Virtual Office

Did you know that 8x8 Virtual Office makes it easy to switch calls between devices? We call this “flipping a call,” and nothing could be simpler or faster. This trick is handy when you answer a call on your desk or softphone, but want to go mobile.   Let’s say you’re on a crucial conference […]

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Will Bots Replace Humans in the Contact Centre?

If you believe the hype, contact centre and customer service employees may soon be out of work. According to the BBC in the UK, occupations in the contact centre industry are among those most at risk of being taken over by robot workers. They rank 109 among 366 jobs. In the future, the rise of […]

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Ringing in the New Year with the NASDAQ Opening Bell

I joined 8x8 in September 2013 in part because I recognized 8x8’s unique opportunity to capture a greater share of the fast-growing cloud communications market.  It was also due to my prior experience working with Vik Verma at Savi Technology. I believed in Vik’s leadership and knew he could grow a successful company. Adoption of […]

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Crossing the Financial Cloud Chasm

The Channel’s Financial Guide to Cloud Computing is a multi-part series discussing the financial impact of cloud computing within the channel. Topics include the economic impact of cloud computing, changing the portfolio and revenue models of products/services and designing sales compensation plans to change behavior. This is the second blog post in the series. What […]

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