8x8 Podcast: Future of Work… With Jacob Morgan


Hot off the press, today we released a new Future of Work study that highlights how Generation Z, which will enter the workforce in earnest in 2017 will change the workplace, especially as it relates to business communications. The study finds that Gen Z will bring balance to the workforce and that Gen Z preferences are a blend of Gen X and millennials and could convince businesses to dial back on millennial workplace changes.

Check out the full report, titled, “Rogue One: How Generation Z is Going to Bring Balance to the (work)Force,” that surveyed 1000 full- and part-time Gen Z (ages 18 to 20), millennial (ages 21 to 35) and Gen X (ages 36 to 50) employed workers in the United States. And don’t miss the infographic.

It’s in context of this Future of Work study, that I had the opportunity to virtually “sit down” with Jacob Morgan best-selling author, speaker, futurist and co-founder of The Future of Work Community. We touched on several topics from– how will Gen Z impact the workplace, to cultural and technological trends, Artificial Intelligence, how the new way to work will impact the way we lead and manage, and more.


Jacob Morgan is a best-selling author of “The Future of Work: Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders and Create a Competitive Organization” and “The Collaborative Organization.” Jacob is also the co-founder of The Future of Work Community, a global innovation council of the world’s most forward-thinking organizations exploring the new world of work. Members include over 60 brands and senior leaders who represent them. His new book, “The Employee Experience Advantage “ will be available in March 2017.


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