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Enterprise-Grade: Marketing Fluff or Deal Winner?

Let’s talk about what it means to be enterprise-grade. Is it a massive feat or simply a marketing phrase that tech companies slap on to show that a solution is fit for business? At 8x8, we know better—and so do our customers! We know that not all companies in the cloud communications arena can actually […]

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Welcome to the New Analytics-Driven World

I have always been a highly organized person who would track every single expense in each category so that at the end of the month I could get a final analysis of all my spending—food, housing, utilities, clothes and travels.  Certainly, this strategy served me well for a long time, but it was also time-intensive […]

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Death of Omni-Channel—Don’t Forget Voice

Part 3—Blog Series By now, you have undoubtedly noted that I am passionate about properly serving customers via the channel of their choice. (Check out my first and second blog in this series.) And that there is significance and true business value in seeing a full customer journey end well, as opposed to irritating customers with silly, […]

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