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Death of Omni-Channel

Part 2–Blog Series In my last blog, I explored the challenges of omni-channel and how it creates such a complex, convoluted picture of customer interactions—so much so that it distracts us from really looking at customer conversations and finding ways to make them better. The cross-channel journey Now, I would like to talk about what […]

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Partly Cloudy or Clear…Are you Ready to Transform Your Business?

Is now the right time for you to transform your channel business? Are you ready to sell and support cloud solutions and finally become a Cloud Solutions Provider? Perhaps it’s time to re-assess your business to see if your thoughts on cloud are getting clearer or still have a little gray. As a company thriving […]

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Does Your Communications Solution Need an Upgrade or Do-Over?

Back in the day, most business people wanted to increase sales by delivering faster answers and being available for customers through any media channel, at any time. The goal? Generating more deals and providing superior customer service. And they started to use all kinds of different devices (PDAs, pagers, mobile phones, laptops) to enhance these […]

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Is Your Contact Center Solution Engineered to Go Global? Why it Matters

There are way too many things out there that are a lot harder than they look—like backflips,  juggling, and providing exceptional global customer service. Especially if you’re already providing good service from one location, it’s easy to think, “Well, we’ll just have to do the same thing, but in a different language and a different […]

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