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ICMI: Customer Service is Tough and Getting Tougher

If you think it’s getting harder to impress customers with your customer service efforts, you’re not imagining it. It really is getting harder. That’s the conclusion of this infographic by the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI), which shows that 73% of contact center leaders say they’ve seen a noticeable increase in the complexity of their customer-agent […]

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Can Your People Learn Better If They Have More Fun?

You’re trudging off to what you expect will be a boring training, mind-numbing meeting or stupefying staff event. You’re late. You expect the obligatory PowerPoint presentation, the kind that turned the word “multitasking” into a euphemism for not paying attention. Then you open the door. You see people racing to answer questions by holding up different […]

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CIO Straight Talk: When Wimpy Communications Systems Hold You Back

Companies that want to expand in a big way are finding that one of the biggest threats to growth sometimes lurks in their closets and on phone lines. Enterprises are increasingly finding that their phone, videoconferencing, chat and customer contact systems can’t keep up with demand, are unsecured, or aren’t reliable enough to meet the […]

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