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If You Want to Communicate What’s Important, Gamify!

To students, working in the business world can sometimes seem synonymous with “all work and no play.” So, as a new intern at 8x8, I didn’t really expect anything fun or out-of-the-box to happen over the summer, let alone within the first month of working here. I was just happy to be working at the […]

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Bad Meetings Go Back Further than You Think: 4 Tips to Improve Them

The longer I work in Silicon Valley—home of what seems like constant change at a blinding pace—the more I realize how little things have changed. Take, for example, bad meetings. Ancient documents like the Bible tried to warn us about them—along with war, pestilence, plagues and big guys named Goliath. We just weren’t smart enough […]

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What Do You Get When You Cross Your CRM System With Your Phone System?

No, it’s not a joke, and there is no punchline. But there is definitely a payoff for companies that combine several powerful cloud solutions for a synergistic effect, says Infonetics analyst Diane Myers. And with some cloud vendors combining forces to create solutions that automatically and instantly work together—such as cloud communications provider 8x8 and […]

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Are Stereotypes Costing You Customers? 6 Millennial Service Tips

How well does your business know its Millennial customers and employees? As the Millennial Generation enters its twenties and thirties, they are becoming a powerful driving force in all aspects of business. Already, they will spend an estimated $200 billion annually by 2017, and they will comprise the majority of U.S. workers in 2015. Separating the hype from […]

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Expert: How to Pick the #1 Cloud Communications Provider

As American Pharoah’s recent stunning victory proves, it can be tough to pick a winner—at least in horse racing. But Infonetics’ Principal Analyst Diane Myers has been picking winners in the cloud communications arena for years, so she knows what enterprises of all sizes need to communicate, collaborate and provide first-class customer service. Myers says the […]

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