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Fast Talking for Fast-Trackers and Entrepreneurs: A Primer

What’s the one thing people fear even more than public speaking? Before the answer, a little background: A commonly cited statistic holds that when surveyed, more people say they fear public speaking than say they fear death. So, the saying goes, next time you’re at a funeral, look around. There are probably more people afraid […]

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Build Great Customer Experiences in the Cloud

Companies the world over are turning to the cloud to create better customer experiences, and Aberdeen Group says it’s paying off.  Moving customer contact to the cloud results in higher revenues and improved first-call resolution rates. Plus, Aberdeen Group says they saw a SEVEN-FOLD decrease in customer care costs. Check out the infographic below or […]

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Infonetics: #1-Ranked 8x8 Leads the VoIP Charge into the Enterprise

Should your organization turn to the cloud and Voice over Internet Protocol for its communications? Odds are, at least some of your competitors are doing just that, according to a new report. Mid-sized enterprises are increasingly turning to VoIP and related communications technologies to run their organizations, and 8x8 is leading the pack. That’s the […]

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Running Global Customer Service Just Got Easier

If you think running global contact center operations is easy, you clearly don’t understand the problem. And until this week’s introduction of 8x8 Virtual Contact Center (VCC) Global, you had very little in the way of ready-made international capabilities to help you. “Managing a contact center with agents and customers distributed globally brings a complex […]

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5 Steps to Cope with Medical Wearables—the Next HIPAA Battleground

The Internet of Things and advances in communications are fueling a revolution in healthcare that presents wondrous opportunities to improve both healthcare and create new businesses, says Dr. Chris Furmanski, director of innovation & technology at Stanford Health Care. Devices that communicate what’s going on in your body—like cyber birth-control pills or implanted devices that […]

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