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Use the Cloud to Ride Out the Storm and Get a Rainbow of New Possibilities

It’s rare in the IT world that things turn out much better than you’d hoped—usually Murphy’s Laws govern the world of the CIO—and everyone else who has to keep technology running smoothly. That’s why we were so struck by Greg Meyer’s comments a few weeks ago at Orlando’s Enterprise Connect conference and show.  Greg is […]

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Success Checklist: 7 Steps to Better Customer Experiences

Aberdeen Group says that most “best-in-class” contact centers—those in the top 20 percent in customer satisfaction metrics—are either using cloud-based infrastructure, or contemplating a switch to the cloud. But before you make the leap to the cloud, the well-respected research firm says to make sure your new contact center infrastructure can help you with seven […]

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4 Ways to Boost ROI and Avoid Groundhog-Day Communications Spending

Repetition can be a boon or a burden to business, depending on what you’re repeating and why. There’s the good kind of repetition, which is repeating processes that drive revenue or serve customers better. Then there’s the IT version of Bill Murray’s “Groundhog Day”: buying more and more hardware and systems that you have to […]

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How Cloud Contact Centers Maximize Customer Delight

Small and mid-sized contact centers face challenges in delighting their customers, the Aberdeen Group points out in recent research. But, says the respected research firm, putting contact centers in the cloud helps firms overcome these challenges and “enjoy superstar results,” particularly in mid-sized contact centers. Here are just some of the benefits cloud contact centers […]

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