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VoIP Lets You Spend Time Off NOT Worrying About Work

Have you ever had a vacation or holiday darkened by worry that something really, really important might happen back at work and you might miss it? An opportunity missed or a crisis in the making? If so, you’ll appreciate the freedom that cloud-based phone systems offer to take time off, knowing that if something big […]

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Sometimes, Lightning DOES Strike Twice

Whoever says lightning never strikes twice, never had an old-style PBX or phone system. Last summer, we were surprised to realize that many of our new customers told tales of making do with ancient technology until it was literally taken out by lightning or other disasters. We had initially thought that it was a fluke, but […]

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Wounded Veterans Deserve a Chance at Success Back Home

Should wounded veterans have to give up their employability because of their new special needs? Direct Interactions, 8x8 and I don’t think so. 8x8 Technology Makes It Possible to Work from Home Direct Interactions is using cloud-based unified communications—including cloud-based phone, fax and call center technology—to create home-based employment opportunities for disabled veterans and military […]

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Helping the Non-profit Helpers Who Give People a Hand Up

Sometimes, it’s an honor to be of service to those who serve others. At 8x8 we feel that way about many of the organizations who use our services to stay connected to their stakeholders and conserve precious resources, so they can maximize the good that they do in the world. Non-profits Need Simplicity AND Mobility Here’s a […]

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When the Cloud Turns Your Office Green with Envy

I’m a parent. I am extremely familiar with the two-kids-one-Happy-Meal-toy dilemma. But I hadn’t really thought too hard about how much the same principle drives business infrastructure adoption. Until recently, when Bank of Cardiff managing director William Stern told us the story of his company’s adoption of its new 8x8 cloud-based unified communications system. A […]

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