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Do You Have What It Takes to Make Customer Satisfaction Everybody’s Job?

For years, managers tried to get their employees to take service seriously with the old saying, “Customer Service is Everybody’s Job.” It was a good aim, and it worked pretty well for small companies. But as companies got larger, many of them cloistered customer service in actual departments called “service” and “support,” because these were the only […]

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We Won What? 8x8 Earns Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award

What does Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Value Leadership Award mean? I was curious when I learned that 8x8 would receive it this year. 8x8 has earned many Frost & Sullivan awards over the years—for things like “#1 Provider of Hosted IP Telephony” and “#1 Market Share Leadership.” But this latest title is a mouthful, so at […]

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Stemming Plagues Might Test Communications Providers’ Speed and Compliance

If HIPAA were a teenager, the eighteen-year-old would be allowed to vote and sign contracts. That’s why it’s tough to understand why so many businesses and government agencies are still failing to implement HIPAA-compliant unified communications—and why many don’t even know they SHOULD comply, even after the generation-long phase-in and revisions. Perhaps most astonishing of […]

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Want to Lasso Customer Loyalty? Quit Siloing Customer Contact in Support

Cruise through the pages of any business magazine, and you’ll wish you had a dollar for every senior executive who says that “customer loyalty and customer service are our top priorities.” And around the world, companies are asking themselves how they can make their call centers work better. The problem is, they’re asking the wrong […]

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Are You Sending YOUR Repeat Business to Your Competitors?

If you’re in finance, insurance, medicine, law—or any other service industry where people care about exactly whom they work with—you might be losing customers whenever a popular person in your organization leaves. Or, you might even be losing business when people can’t get to the last person who helped them—the one they really, really liked. […]

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